Happy Boss's Day to Cameron and Jackie!

Happy Boss's Day to Cameron and Jackie!

In honor of Boss's Day, we thought we would celebrate The Baby Cubby's one and only husband and wife dream team! Cameron and Jackie are our favorite for SO many reasons. They work harder than anyone we all know. And why do they do that? Because they are crazy passionate about what they are doing here. They truly believe in making mom's and dad's lives easier when it comes to shopping and preparing for a baby. They believe that family is the most important thing and that whatever you are doing should be for family.  We love them so much and all agree they are the best bosses around!

The Muir family dressing up for their annual Chick-Fil-A Cow Day event!

Here are some thoughts we all wanted to share about what they do -

"The Baby Cubby is a store that caters to families of all types, and is a family of it's own. Cameron and Jackie are amazing bosses, but are also our friends! They genuinely care about each of their employees lives, and always surprise me with how many small details they remember about my non-work life. It is great to work for people that you respect in a professional and personal aspect!" - Alyssa

"I love that Jackie and Cameron really make me feel like a part of their family. I know that this company is their "baby" - pun is totally intended! It has to be hard to bring people in to their company, and they do it beautifully with love and understanding. I know that the Muirs have been a blessing in my life with how they have trusted me and saw potential and value in me that others may not have. I really do consider Jackie and Cameron my friends and I am grateful that they have welcomed me on their journey of creating this beautiful company."  - Katie

"Jackie and Cameron make all of their employees feel like family. They are never intimidating.  It's like they are your mom and dad just young, fun, and good looking." - Natasha

"They both work so hard!  Cameron and Jackie put their whole hearts into the company and I love their passion.  And, as serious as they are about their business, they still manage to be real down-to-earth people with great senses of humor that make everyone feel appreciated." - Alexa

Cameron and Jackie aren't afraid to get their hands dirty! They're some of the hardest workers that we know and are doing a great job of teaching their children those principles!

"The thing I admire most about Cameron and Jackie are their passion for what they are building. There are not many people I have met that I could say were truly passionate about what they are doing, but Cameron and Jackie are. They are the goal for how you should feel about what you are doing. They work incredibly hard because they truly believe in what they are building, which makes working for them so amazing. They also make sure that family (theirs, ours, and every customer's!) are the focus. Families are so important, and they understand that more than anyone I know! They are definitely the best individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working for." - Michelle

Us Cubby Moms wanted to also share our love for Cameron and Jackie with all of you, but we figured that was a little difficult with you not knowing them and all. So, we all submitted some questions for them to answer so that you can get to know them! Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite hobby or pastime that you share?

That's a good one, we both love to hike and be outside; we love exploring new places whether it is local or a destination spot.  I might add, we also love trying new restaurants and new foods - sometimes this works out wonderfully, and sometimes not so much... and we like watching t.v. shows - specifically spy shows for Cameron.

2. How did you guys meet?

Jackie: We are both from San Diego and had mutual friends throughout High School. Cameron actually dated several friends of mine, and I always thought he was cute, but it took him a while to wisen up.
Cameron: Yep... that's how we met, then I got back from serving a mission for my church, took Jackie on a date (as a friend of course) a few days later and then kind of fell head over heels for her... we talked on the phone for hours while I lived in SD and Jackie was in Utah, then got married a year later.

3. What is something you like to do as a couple to have fun and balance out work life?

Cameron: We just like being together, so whatever it is we try and do it together or as a whole family! This even applies to chores, we help each other on the same chore and then go onto the next...sometimes I pretend to help but I'm really not :) and Jackie has to keep me motivated.  But to balance out crazy work life and kids, we just like to go anywhere with just the two of us.  We actually really enjoy working together and brainstorming ideas together - that in itself is something we both like as a creative outlet we can work on together.

The Muirs like to do all sorts of adventurous things with their kids!

4. You guys are obviously great friends with your kids. How do you best balance being a respected parent, but also being your kids' best friends?

Jackie is the most supportive wife in the world!

Jackie: Whats up with these hard questions? :) I think it is super important to be silly with your kids, to show your kids you can have fun with them collectively as well as individually.  Show your kids that you are a goofball and allow them to be themselves.  I also think having a clear understanding between you and your kids, and what you expect out of them for being part of the family, and being consistent with those expectations is the best way we found to be respected at our parenting position.
Cameron: I try and remember to let them be little and actually love to look at pictures from when they were younger. It helps remind me how quickly they grow up and motivates me to make the most of the time I have with them while they are small and still want to spend so much time with me.

5. What is a fun family tradition you have with your kids that they always look forward to?

Jackie: We looove Christmas, Every year setting up the tree is a big deal, putting the star on the top, and lighting it up when it's done is something i look forward to every year (especially this year, as I finally won the battle of the fake tree vs. the real tree).  Also, I wrap all our Christmas books every year in the beginning of December, and every night one of our kids gets to pick a book to unwrap and we read it together.

6. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your lives, what would you choose individually and as a couple?

Jackie: SUSHI!  yummy and slightly healthy.
Together: We wouldn't, we would starve, but we could probably both eat sushi for a really long time.
Cameron: Meat, almost any kind, specifically steak/ribs.

7. If you were marooned on a desert island, what one item would you want with you?

Jackie:  I'd want him with me :)  and if I could have another thing, it would be a never ending Diet Coke.
Cameron: A knife... I like survival shows, so I'm having visions of surviving and really only thinking about practicality right now :)

Goofiness is the spice of life!

We hope that helps you get to know them a little better. They're usually around the baby store in Lindon, Utah, so come on down and hopefully you will get to meet them! You won't be sorry you did! We all agree that they are pretty much the coolest people on the block, and all of us are so excited that we get to celebrate them today! Thank goodness for people like them!

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