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Happy Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day! 

I'll be honest, this day has sure snuck up on me this year. With summer in full swing and kids involved what seems like every activity possible, I haven't hardly had a chance to look ahead more than 2 days! But here we are. Celebrating our awesome dads, and I am sure excited for it!

As I had the chance to share a little about my dad last year, this year, I'm going to take a minute and tell you all about my kid's dad. 

He's been at this job for just over 13.5 years. And calls himself dad to five. His first comments after our oldest son entered the world were somewhere along the lines of, "Wow, this is just like gutting a deer."  (... I'm sure you can guess my thoughts from there... *insert huge eye roll!) Immediately I watched my partner and best friend transform into this gentle role of nurturer, to both me and our newborn. He was patient and calm as he learned to navigate the unchartered territory of fatherhood. 

dad coloring with child

He was the young dad that loved the babies. He'd willingly get up with the babies at night and fall asleep with them in his arms as he rocked them back to sleep. He changed diapers, took his turn for feedings, and changed them in and out of onesies like he was made for it. Long stroller rides and car seat swinging for our colicky baby became a norm for him. 

As the babies grew, so did he. He's the dad that fixes everything. From broken Lego creations, to shower faucets, to everything technological. He plays board games, has taught the kids to throw and kick and swing a bat, does steamroller on the trampoline, has been all of their favorites at one time or another. And he knows just how to fix it when the kids get a little too competitive playing all these games with each other. 

He helps the kids fix their math problems and their bikes. He fixes the girls' hair in the mornings and the boys' ties when they're a little off kilter. He fixes breakfast for all of us and dinners even more often. My kids' dad knows that sometimes going out for ice cream is the best fix when problems seem a little too big to handle. 

He's the dad that teaches that "hard work pays off," completing a job with your best effort says a lot about the person you are. Taking pride in your accomplishments and learning from setbacks is the best way to grow. He encourages, reprimands, and forgives. His expectations are high and his acceptance even higher. He works hard, but plays harder... and the more people involved in the playing the better! 

This dad is a favorite for his late night movie watching--especially when mom says no! He's always found with the best drinks and willingly shares. He takes over the nightly reading with a smile and is the first to document and record all the hilarious things my kids say and do. He coaches the soccer teams and buys the new basketball shoes. He supports, cheers-up, and consoles, and with five young children, there's an awful lot of that needed!

He laughs often and cracks some of the worst/best dad jokes around. He's my kids' safe place, their comfort. His desire for all the good things in this life are to benefit his kids. He loves their mom. He loves them. And they know it. 

To My Kid's Dad: We love you. And feel pretty dang lucky we get you! Happy Father's Day. 


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