This year has been a bummer in countless ways. There have been so many things that made us say, “Only in 2020.” We can't let 2020 ruin Halloween as well!


Whether you're attending a Halloween parade, setting up an epic Halloween scavenger hunt, or hosting a spooky party, there are only two rules for Halloween according to kids:

1. You have to dress up!

2. Treats!!

If you are in need of a last minute costume for your little one, we have a few ideas to get your creative costume juices flowing!


If you're stuck on the treats requirement, we have a few non-candy items that are sure to be a hit!

It’s already been such a scary year, it’s only fitting that this Halloween be epic! Even if you won’t be hitting the streets trick-or-treating this year, there are so many ways to keep the spirit alive and save this spooky holiday. Dress up! Have a spooky-themed meal! Pig out on some candy! Enjoy all the classic Halloween movies!

halloween meme

However you choose to celebrate, all of us at The Baby Cubby hope you have a happy, fun, safe, coronavirus-free Halloween!

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