Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day!

Mamas, here's another one of those little holidays that is snuck into the middle of a month to give us all a little pick-me-up. Today, we're celebrating all our best girlies, because it's International Women's Day!

If you weren't already planning on giving all your girlfriends an extra dose of love today, then make sure and let them know how amazing they are for all the things they do day, night, and in between to make our world a better, happier, lovelier place.

And one of the best ways to celebrate women everywhere is to teach our little girls how to become the strong, independent, and uplifting women we hope and pray they will be by showing them a few of the greats that came before them.

That's why the Ordinary People Change The World Books are so amazing for kids, because they use adorable illustrations and easy-to-understand language to show our littles how historical figures shaped the way we live today.

Giving our little ones examples to look up to of ordinary women who did amazing things will help them to see that little acts of kindness, bravery, or hard work can change the world for the better.

Here are the female-forward books that we sell online at BabyCubby.com or in store to get your babes reading and learning about some of these trailblazers!

I am Amelia Earhart

I am Rosa Parks

I am Jane Goodall

I am Helen Keller

I am Harriet Tubman

So on this International Women's Day, don't forget to call your mama, let your little diva pick out her own outfit, and get to The Baby Cubby and grab a few books about some of the great women we can all try and be a little more like!

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