Have a Happy Father's Day!

Have a Happy Father's Day!

When does a dad joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent.

What’s Father’s Day without a good dad joke--am I right? While we're on the topic, Happy Father’s Day to all you hard working dads out there. We have a few things to say to you!

Father's Day

What would we do without you dedicated dads? The dads that help out during those newborn-late-night sessions. The dads that gag the whole time, but do their best at changing dirty diapers. The dads that carry our little ones in their arms, on their shoulders, and backs. The dads that work all week, and coach the soccer team on the weekend. The dads that give us the best pep talks, and follow it up with the best dad jokes to keep us laughing all year long. We can’t say it enough, we love you!

We might never know what to get you, and we’re still going to insist that you keep the lid down on the toilet, but we see you, and we love you more than you know! We know that dads have a heavy load to carry, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. You are killing it, and we are so grateful for you. For your hard work. For your dedication. For being our dedicated fixer, and fun parent. For being the life of the party, and grounding us when we need it. Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!

We at The Baby Cubby hope you dads take a day for yourselves today. Kick your feet up for a bit and take that much needed nap. We are grateful for you, and hope you have the best day, you deserve it!

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