Highlights of Diono Car Seats

Highlights of Diono Car Seats

We’ve recently started carrying two car seats from Diono that we are super impressed with. The Radian r100 and the Radian rXT. Both of these are suitable for infants all the way up to a booster seat. Either of these seats could easily be the only seat you’ll ever need for your child! If you haven’t already, go check out our YouTube channel because there are a gazillion helpful videos when it comes to car seats and we also have a super helpful car seat buying guide.

Diono Radian r100 Combination Booster Seat

Anyway, back to Diono. This brand has been around for a very long time, which means they know their stuff and have done research as well as gone through some trial and error to come up with some very well designed car seats. These two, in particular, are very popular and loved choices!

Each of these Radian car seats has a complete steel frame. This is fantastic for the safety of a child should there be an accident, and compared to other car seats, the steel frame really isn’t much heavier at all. Aluminum reinforced sidewalls and head support also add to the support and safety of kiddos, as well as energy-absorbing EPS foam.

Diono Radian rXT Convertible Car Seat - Midnight

As I mentioned before, these car seats can be used with infants. The downside to this is what you’re missing out on by not having an infant car seat like travel systems or being able to carry them in from the car. However, if you don’t think those things will be too missed, it’s a pretty sweet gig to only need one car seat per child. And these are compact enough to fit three across in a mid-sized SUV but large enough to give your child ample amount of room and comfort.

Diono Radian rXT Convertible Car Seat - Black Mist

An incredibly cool feature about both of these car seats is the folding feature. Yes, these car seats fold! Pretty darn flat, too. This is awesome for storage, car transfers, or for hauling them around in places like airports! Another thing the Radian rXT and Radian r100 are loved for are the low seats, making them easy for little ones to climb in and out of! However, a downside in my opinion, are the lack of cup holders, which can be bought as additional accessories but don’t come in the original purchase.

Diono Radian r100 Combination Booster Seat - Folded

To sum up this post: Diono car seats are super duper popular, work perfectly for any aged child in need of a car seat, and have unmatched safety! We are very happy to now be carrying gear from this beloved brand and are confident that one of these two car seats may just be the perfect fit for your family AND your budget!

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