How do you Get Rid of Baby's Stuffy Nose?

How do you Get Rid of Baby's Stuffy Nose?

Question: How do you get rid of baby's stuffy nose?

Answer: You can suck the mucus out of baby's nose with a device such as the FridaBaby Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator. You can also try using a few drops of breastmilk or saline drops in baby's nose to help break up mucus.

Breathing is one of those things you don't think about, unless you're having trouble doing it. We have all had that stuffy nose that causes immense frustration. The kind when you're just trying to breathe at night despite clogged airways. With that in mind, know that babies have smaller airways and are far less able to deal with a stuffy nose, so they struggle to sleep and eat as a result.

How can you combat a stuffy nose in your newborn, infant, or toddler? Most young children do okay, but occasionally need help with some nose suction. As for younger babies, they will definitely require assistance in clearing their airways. If you want them to sleep well, make clearing their nose of mucus the first priority.


If you're looking for natural and easy remedies for a stuffed-up nose, consider a few drops of breastmilk. Breast milk is natural and safe to use on your baby's eyes or nose, as long as you stick with a small amount. This small amount of liquid can work to break up mucus without irritating your baby's airways or sensitive mucus membrane.

Saline Drops

According to Web MD, the use of saline or saltwater drops is a viable option for clearing baby's airways. With just a few drops in each nostril, you can loosen up mucus before suctioning it out. Saline also helps keep baby's nose from drying out.

Saline drops can be found at any pharmacy and are fairly simple to apply. While cough and cold medicines are far too harsh for a baby's system, a newborn often responds well to gentle saline solution paired with safe mucus suction.

Mucus Suction

Most parents tend to use the bulb syringe that's given to them at the hospital, or some other version close to it. While these bulb-like suction tools will work in most cases, they can be extremely uncomfortable for your child and, at times, overly powerful. There's also a learning curve when it comes to using them, and if not careful, parents can accidentally pump air into baby's nostril--which isn't ideal.

Fridababy Nasal Aspirator

FridaBaby Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator

A simple solution comes in the form of the FridaBaby Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator, or the "snotsucker." This handy tool is easy to store, clean, and use. Don't be grossed out by the thought of sucking your baby's boogers out--no mucus will even get close to your lips with the help of the trusty filters inside of the product. Changeable filters and easy cleaning all make this product useful to parents. Plus, it was invented by an ear, nose, and throat doctor so you can be sure that it is definitely safe! Now that you know that the Nose Frida is a great option for clearing stuffy noses, let me just say that I LOVE this product. It has saved me multiple times in helping my baby get to sleep and eat better despite having lots of mucus. Best of all, I still use it on him and he's two. The process fascinates him and he can't wait to use "the booger sucker" when he's sick!

Overall, snot-nosed children are a stereotype for a reason. There will be boogers, and lots of them, so it's best to be armed with the tools that will get the job done. Whether your baby is sick, has allergies, or is just struggling to clear their airways, the Nose Frida and the above-mentioned options are all great solutions! To learn more about how you can use the Nose Frida, read our blog post on How to Take Care of a Sick Baby.

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