How Does Baby Get An Innie Or An Outie?

How Does Baby Get An Innie Or An Outie?

Examining the features of a brand new baby is one of the most special parts of becoming a parent. It is something that cannot be replicated and will always bring some serious emotions to my surface. How can you feel so much love for tiny little eyes, fingers, toes, and even a belly button! Speaking of those little buttons, have you ever wondered what determines whether your little person gets an innie or an outie?

The innie button is much more common than the outie, so what is it that causes the occasional outie to pop up in the baby sphere? Some people have said that it has to do with the way the umbilical cord is cut, but that isn't true. There are two true possible reasons: a little extra skin or a small repairable hernia.

Skin grows around the umbilical cord while your baby is developing inside of your womb. Some babies just grow a bit of extra skin around their cord, so when it heals closed there ends up being extra skin hanging out inside their little button. This is no cause for concern, you just get a tiny human with an outie!

In some instances, an outie belly button shows up because of an umbilical hernia. An umbilical hernia occurs when the intestines protrude through the abdominal wall at the belly button. These hernias may push out even farther whenever the baby cries or increases abdominal pressure. Most of these types of hernias are painless and often resolve on their own; some children may have to have surgery to resolve them.

Are you so relieved that you now know the answer to such a life-changing question?! (haha) Just add it to the list of "things you didn't know until you became a parent and googled them!" You just never know when your trivia question will be about belly buttons, and now you have the answers!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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