How Much Ibuprofen Do I Give My Child?

How Much Ibuprofen Do I Give My Child?

Figuring out dosages of Ibuprofen for babies and kiddos is something that every mom will be in a scramble for at one point or another. Somehow, I can easily remember Tylenol, but when it comes to the dosages of Ibuprofen, I don’t know if I could just pull out a number off of the top of my head at any given time. Why the mg/mL ‘s can’t all be the same across the board and make everybody’s lives a fraction easier, is beyond me. For now, here’s a chart to break it down simply (remember to always consult your doctor before giving medicine to children):

Not for use under 6 months

Even though this chart came from a reputable source, the smartest and safest choice when you aren’t sure is to always ask your doctor. Motrin/Ibuprofen should NOT be used in babies younger than six months. It is not FDA approved for babies this young which is why, on most labels, it’ll say something like “Under 6 months: ask a doctor”, and chances are, when you ask your doctor, you’ll be told to just use Tylenol. Of course, there are special occasions, but unless a doctor says to, don’t give Ibuprofen to young babes!


Okay, now that we’ve established how much to give your child, what about when to give Ibuprofen to your child? If you’re giving your child Ibuprofen, it is recommended to repeat the dose every 6 to 8 hours as needed. It is also important to not exceed 4 doses in a single day.

What is Ibuprofen good for?

Ibuprofen temporarily...
  • Reduces fever
  • Relieves minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, sore throat, headaches and toothaches
If your child’s symptoms fall somewhere in this description, and he/she is older than six months, then Ibuprofen is a pretty good option. Tylenol can be used for these symptoms as well. In fact, you’ll likely notice that the “Uses” section on these two medications are nearly identical. Ibuprofen tends to act a tad quicker and last a bit longer. When my kids are sick, I often alternate between the two, but I particularly like to use Ibuprofen right before bed for the longer-lasting effects it has.

Other Ibuprofen tips:

  • To help avoid overdose or misjudgments when it comes to giving Ibuprofen to kiddos, it is advised to use the cup or syringe that it came with, rather than a random one you may have lying around in the medicine cabinet.
  • Keep track of doses given (what medication, how much, and what time) either on your phone or on a piece of paper. This is especially helpful during the never-ending nights because of tiredness on everybody’s part. It is also helpful for spouses or other caregivers to know where to pick up and what has been done up until that point.
  • Keep a dosage chart like the one above or one from your pediatrician’s office in a known and convenient place.
  • Be sure to always check the label. Whether it's 50mg/1.25mL or 100mg/5mL, it is crucial to know for the safety and benefit of your kiddo.

I hope this article about Ibuprofen was helpful in some way! And I also hope that the situation you find yourself using children’s Ibuprofen isn’t too severe or disheartening for you and your babe! Good luck, I’m sending good vibes your way!

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