How to Care for Your Ergobaby Carrier

How to Care for Your Ergobaby Carrier

I am personally a big fan of baby wearing. I actually don't know how I would get anything done if I wasn't able to baby wear--it's a  total life saver! If you are an Ergo-baby-wearer you are probably wondering how you can best care for your Ergobaby carrier.  Well don't sweat it, we've got all the best care tips here for you.

Washing instructions:

All Ergo baby carriers are actually machine washable, making cleaning them a breeze! Just keep the followings things in mind when washing your Ergo: -Fasten all buckles prior to washing -Use the gentle/delicate cycle. -Use cold water. -Use a mild detergent (no bleach, perfumes, chlorine, or brighteners) -Dry your carrier on low for about 20 minutes and then remove it (the seams will still be damp).  Hang for the duration of the drying time.

Another way to care for your Ergo is save it from teeth marks and damage come teething time.   There are these awesome teething pads you can get to protect your carrier. You can find them here if you have a classic Ergo, or here if you have the 360.

 Classic ErgoB aby Teething Pads. Works with the Ergobaby Original Carrier, Ergobaby Ventus, and Ergobaby Adapt

 Ergobaby 360 Teething Pad Bib. Works with the Ergobaby 360 Carrier

Happy baby wearing!


Written by: Natalie Gubler

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