How To Pick The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

How To Pick The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Buying a baby gift for someone else is one of my favorite things to do! Okay, shopping for baby things period is one of my favorite things to do, BUT it is so fun to get to give such adorable things to someone. Through trial and error, I have developed a bit of a guideline for myself when picking gifts for other people that I find to be pretty helpful!

What Not To Buy

Unless you are purchasing things directly off of a registry, the following items are things I will never purchase as a baby gift just because I like them:
  • Pacifiers
  • Bottles
  • Diaper Bag
  • Toiletries
  • Baby Gear
I feel that these things are just something the parents are likely to have a very strong opinion on. When I had my first baby, I gave the pacifiers I used with her for a couple baby gifts. The people I gave them to are people I see very often and neither of them used that pacifier type for their baby and I realized, "Hello! You can't pick something like that for someone else!" Of course, if there is a registry with those things specified, then you are safe!

Curating Your Gift

Basic Footie With Zipper - Baby Cubby
Basic Footie With Zipper

There are two main things I think about when buying a baby gift. First, is this the person's first child? Second, is this that person's first baby of the specific gender? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, I have a clear direction for what I get. 

If they are having their first child, I always stick to a registry if there is one. Even though it is so much fun to pick out whatever cute thing you find, having your first baby means there is likely an actual need for so many things! I have been to showers where the only thing opened are adorable swaddles, clothes, and accessories. Obviously, those things are great, but having been a first-time parent, I want to give something that is 100% needed! Don't forget the gift receipt! If there happens to be multiples, you don't want them to have to decipher where your gift came from.

A lot of times, parents do not make registries for babies beyond their first. But, if they had a boy first and are now having a girl (or vice versa) then they do have a good chunk of "needs" again. Clothes and accessories are the main needs in these circumstances. Whenever I buy clothes for a baby, I never buy smaller than 6-9 month size and I always make sure that I know whether I need to buy them cold or warm weather clothes for that age.

Also, I love to go in on a gift with other friends or family members so that we can "extend" the gifting a little more. Three or four people pooling their $25 or so together goes a really long way! 

My Favorite Gifts

Trimmed Knot Headband - Baby Cubby
Trimmed Knot Headband

When I do have a situation where I am just picking whatever I want to, there are certainly a few things that I always gravitate towards!

In my opinion, every baby (and person for that matter) needs a Saranoni blanket in their life. I will either do the receiving size blanket or a mini-sized one that is perfect for the car seat and as an eventual lovey blanket. With mini blankets, I like to include a sleeper (Milkbarn Kids and Kickee Pants are my current favorites) and either a little hat or a cute bow!

I have never met a mama that doesn't love a good pair of Freshly Picked moccasins! Before I buy these, I would ask if they have any first and get them a pair in a different size. These shoes are so durable, long lasting and absolutely adorable! Although less exciting, I have also never met a mama that doesn't love getting a gigantic box of diapers and wipes! Who likes paying for those? Nobody!

My last (but certainly not least) favorite gift idea is for mama herself! Sometimes I just feel like, "Hey, this baby is getting all these presents, but mama is the one growing that baby and pushing him/her out of her body! Made by Mary is beloved by all, right?! I would be overjoyed to be gifted anything of theirs! I had a housedress with my most recent baby, and I literally should have had seven of them because I was constantly wearing it! So, you for sure cannot go wrong with gifting mama a house dress! Spoiler alert: it should be called the "everywhere dress" because you can definitely wear it anywhere and no one will know you didn't actually "get dressed!"

Classic House Dress - Baby Cubby
Classic House Dress

The celebration of a new life is just so insanely happy and fun! We love that we get to celebrate that joy with every single one of our readers and customers! And because we know that sometimes moms don't have that extra time, we have a few helpful things for your gifting experience; free gift wrapping in store, and if you don't have time to actually get into the store, you can shop online! Need it quicker than usual shipping times? No problem. You can choose to pick-up your order in store! Pick-up orders (of in-stock products) are almost always ready within 1 business day! Happy gifting friends!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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