How to Safely Use Essential Oils on Infants

How to Safely Use Essential Oils on Infants

Four years ago when my husband Rob accepted a position as the U.S. Sales Manager at DoTERRA, we had no idea how much it would change the entire  direction our lives were headed. As the Sales Manager it was Rob’s job to test out different products so he could teach people all over the world the benefits of incorporating essential oils into their everyday health routine. I had some experience with oils from my childhood, but only a limited knowledge of the different types and their uses. In order for Rob to be able to teach about oils, he had to learn as much as he could as fast as he could. We got our hands on as many as we possibly could and dove in headfirst. Within three months Rob was so hooked on these oils that he decided to leave the corporate side of DoTERRA and begin his own business teaching others of their uses. In these last four years we have taught countess classes all over the world, have attended seminars and conferences taught by leading experts in the natural wellness field, and have gained more knowledge on oils than we ever thought possible.

One of the most common questions we receive is, “What oils are oils safe for babies?” Generally, most oils are safe for babies – but not all are necessary. Always seek the guidance of your healthcare provider before starting a natural health regimen. If and when you do choose to use oils with your baby, I suggest starting with two of my favorite oils. I also emphasize that because oils (if they are 100% pure) are incredibly potent, very small amounts are needed. I always recommend diluting oils at a 4:1 ratio (4 drops carrier oil to 1 drop essential oil) to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

My favorite oil to use with babies is lavender. Lavender is a very gentle, calming oil that promotes feelings of peace and well-being.  Massaging a drop of diluted lavender oil on the soles of your baby’s feet can help both you and your baby to relax and encourage deep levels

 of sleep.  (Rub it on the back of your own neck to help uplift your mood should you feel those baby blues coming on!)  Because lavender is also good for soothing irritated skin, it can be used along with Melaleuca oil and melted coconut oil to create an all-natural baby bum cream.  This little concoction has been a lifesaver in my house:

  • Add a few drops of Melaleuca oil to melted coconut oil and mix well.

  • Apply this to your baby’s bottom after cleaning and drying the area.

    Leave to dry before applying a new diaper.  Leftovers can be stored in a small mason jar for future use.

    Melaleuca oil is the second oil I often use with infants.  It is best known for its purifying properties and is commonly used as an immune system booster.  I like to apply one diluted drop to the soles of my babies’ feet to help support their health through those germ-filled winter months when every stranger in the world wants to touch your baby’s face!  Lavender oil and melaleuca oil combined with a carrier oil can also be rubbed around your baby’s ear and jawline to help sooth the occasional earache that can be associated with teething.  Now, I’m sure your baby never smells like anything but heaven – but go ahead and tell your friend that if her nursery smells like a mix of blowout diapers and spit up, diffusing melaleuca oil will help purify and freshen the air.

    One of my absolute favorite do-it-yourself activities using lavender and melaleuca oils is making homemade baby wipes.  We have done this for years and have found that it saves us money, AND we are able to use something natural on our babies’ cute little bums.  All you need is durable paper towels, water, lavender oil, melaleuca oil, and natural baby body wash or shampoo:  

    • Using a sharp knife cut a roll of paper towels in half creating two toilet-paper-roll-sized rolls.

    • In a glass measuring cup combine 2 cups water, 6-8 drops of both lavender and melaleuca oils, and 1-2 Tbs of natural baby shampoo and stir.

    • Place one of the small paper towel rolls into a bowl and pour the water mixture over the paper towels.

    • Allow the paper towels to absorb the mixture – and once the cardboard core is completely wet, it will easily pull away from the towels leaving you with wet wipes.

    • Repeat steps 1-4 for the second half of the paper towel roll. Store in an airtight container.  (Because all brands of paper towels are different – more or less water can be added to create the desired consistency)

      As I mentioned before, not all oils are created equally, and using high quality oils will greatly increase the benefits associated with using essential oils.  Should you have any questions, or need any recommendations, I’m happy to help.  Feel free to contact me via email at  Remember – a healthy baby is a happy baby and a happy baby means a happy mama!

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