I’m A SAHM and I Need More…

I’m A SAHM and I Need More…

I have two children: a not-so-helpful, busy two-year-old and a sweet little five-month-old that I probably hold too much. Between the two of them and their constant needs, I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply need more of myself to go around.

I need more HANDS

I’m pretty sure I think of this need at least twice a day. I basically have a circus act going all day long trying to transfer my kids, their stuff, my stuff, and everything in between to where it needs to be or from where it shouldn’t be. Because a large part of my life is dedicated to the upkeep of my home, cleaning and picking up becomes a whole new ballgame when kids are thrown into the mix! I seriously need more hands! The worst part for me is stairs. I live in a three-story house, and I like to avoid unnecessary trips up and down the stairs when I can, which means I take as much up or as much down as possible in one load.

I need more EYES

I have two video monitors in my home, but even still, I need more eyes! Everyone knows that when a toddler goes quiet, it means trouble. But to be able to see him at all times, especially while breastfeeding, would be nice so I could determine just how fast I need to get to him! I would also like more eyes to catch the sweet moments I simply don’t see. A lot needs to get done during the day and I simply can’t watch both kids at the same time all day. More eyes might allow me to be more attentive.

I need more EARS

This one is actually the most literal, as I have mild hearing loss in one ear! But even on top of that, I need more ears to help me throughout the day. Listening for the washing machine or dishwasher to finish, listening for my baby up in her room, listening for the before mentioned silence of my mischievous toddler, and listening for when I am needed. I’m very lucky that my two-year-old has quite a broad vocabulary, but perhaps one of my new ears could help me determine the few words he says that I can’t yet understand!

I need more BRAINS

Mom Brain may not be as bad as Pregnancy Brain, but it’s still quite real! The loss of brain cells may have to do with all the baby talk I engage in all day, or perhaps it’s the loss of sleep, or maybe even all of the Curious George or Paw Patrol I soak in. Whatever the reason, I’m in need of some new brains. Thank goodness for calendars and planners, or else I’d be a lost woman.

I need more MUSCLE

My boy has always been in the low percentile for both weight and height, but my fast growing baby girl is definitely on the chubbier side of the percentile spectrum. It’s one thing holding both of them alone, but add in a heavy stroller, and suddenly both of them seem incredibly heavy! And my babe in her car seat is becoming increasingly harder to hold comfortably. I suppose an easy solution to this problem would be working out more regularly; I’m still working out how to find time for such a task. It took me about eight months with my first to feel like I had things under control enough at home to add in some consistent workouts, so perhaps I’ll be getting better at this soon!

I realize that it’s not possible to add more to myself or to split myself up for different tasks, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining how much easier my life would become if such a thing were indeed possible! Lucky for me, my sweet kids love me the way I am, shortcomings and all.

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