I'm a SAHM: Making Other Mom Friends

I'm a SAHM: Making Other Mom Friends

Something that surprised me about motherhood was that despite always being attached at the hip to another human, it can get lonely and sometimes you crave adult conversation. You just really need to ask a fellow mama why Sophia the First's amulet is now pink instead of purple.

I live in my college's town and most of my friends have moved away since our roommate days, leaving me with not a lot of built in mom-friends. I had to start at square one to make new friends and although I think of myself as a friendly, outgoing person, making new mom friends is HARD! It can be awkward and intimidating, not to mention really hard, to align schedules with kids activities, naps, etc. Even though these little tips may seem superfluous, I'm going to share them in hopes of helping you find your momma bestie soulmates!

Revert to Kindergarten Tactics

Picture this: you meet a cool mom at library story time and you comment on her kid's cute shoes. You start talking and are getting along great! Your kids are hugging on the story blanket and then it all ends -- but too soon! And you say goodbye, never to see her again. In this situation, even though it may seem too forward or awkward, just ask her if she wants to be friends. Ask her for her number, ask if she wants to have a park play date next week! Go for it mommas. Be bold, get that girl's number. You never know, that friendship could blossom into something really beautiful.

Get specific

Sometimes if I run into a neighbor or a friend, we will chat and say, "We need to get together one of these days!" And then those days never seem to come because people get hesitant and busy and lazy. So next time say, "Hey, I was thinking of taking my kids to the zoo next Thursday. Do you guys want to come?" This way the plans are made and it is something to look forward to!

Just get out of your pajamas and do it

Do you ever have plans and as the time approaches, you start thinking of excuses because it would just be easier to not go? The baby didn't have a great nap earlier. You didn't have time to shower and you feel gross. Your toddler is going to throw a fit about getting into his car seat, etc., etc., etc. You know what though? I never regret getting out and about when it is all said and done, and I return refreshed and happier knowing that the kids got a fun outing and I could commiserate with a fellow mom. Not to mention you were not a flake and that friend will call you another day for another adventure, and by adventure I mean the play-place at Chick-Fil-A -- which is surprisingly sometimes just what you need!

So go forth into the scary world of dating   friend-making and be bold so you have girls to watch the Bachelor with this January!

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