Imagination Inspiring Bath Toys

Imagination Inspiring Bath Toys

Now that Marcus is sitting up on his own, bath toys are becoming a must! In fact, I was at a friends house a few weeks ago before her little one's first birthday. I asked what she wanted us to get her for her birthday and she said she wasn't sure. I asked, "do you need bath toys" because I realized how badly WE needed bath toys, so I thought maybe they did too. She realized she DEFINITELY needed bath toys. It's something you just don't think about until you're sitting on the other side of that tub wall, silently crying in pain because your back/knees/entire body is screaming due to that angle, and it's at that moment you look around and realize you have no bath toys. Then I usually forget I need to pick some up until the next time I'm knelt down covered in soapy water.

Don't be like me. Jump on these adorable bath toys! Just in time for SUMMER! These are great options for the pool/beach in these upcoming months!

Boon Bathtub Appliques

I absolutely LOVE these! They're so bright and colorful, and perfect for babies and kids. I also love that they stick to the wall of the tub so you're not having to move them around constantly, or find them in a pile on top of your drain! They also don't absorb water, so they'll stay mildew free!


Boon Fleet Stacking Boats

If you have a child that just loves to pour water on everything these toys are made for them! This fleet is a set of five stackable boats with wide decks for scooping water and draining holes for when the storms get too intense and the boats are about to capsize. I love toys that fuel the imagination! 

Boon Creatures Bath Toys

Speaking of toys that fuel the imagination, these cute creatures allow your child to create any fish they want! They're soft, flexible, and can be filled up and drained. Watch your little one create a whole new underwater species! 

Boon Water Bugs Bath Toys

Set these insects free and watch your child gather them up in their perfect child size net. GREAT for developing dexterity. Maybe your child can form a new underwater species with the Boon Creatures toys, then watch them chase after the water bus... "but oh no, the creatures have been captured in the net!" Maybe these are great for parents imaginations too!    

PlanToys Submarine

At this point I think you have to get all of these because I've created the perfect scene where all of these are connected. You're going to be the hero of your child's next bath time! This adorable submarine can be plunged into the depths of the bath tub, exploring all the new sea creatures your child has created! 

PlanToys Coastguard Boat

This completes the fleet! Come on mom! You have the boats, the sea creatures, the bugs, the net, the submarine that explores below the sea, the creatures that live on the tub wall, and now.. The Coastguard Boat! Someone has to patrol the water, mom! Clearly I'm having too much fun with these toys! Let you (and your child) be the hero today with this perfect Coastguard Boat! 

Make kneeling over the wall of your bathtub worth it with these adorable bath toys! Bath time can be a great bonding time for you and your kiddos, and also quite fun. Create your own adventure, clearly I did!

Written by Katelyn Bozada
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