Include Your Newborn this Halloween!

Include Your Newborn this Halloween!

Struggling to figure out how to include your little one in all of the Halloween fun this year?

Chances are you've already come up with (and let go of) a million and one costume ideas for your teeny babes. Truly that is one of the most FUN ways to make sure your newborn is taking part in the festiveness, but what are some other things you can do to really include them in the holiday?

Here are a couple of fun ideas!

Make a super cute Halloween mobile for over babe's crib, or to hang on their playmat so they get all the spooky feels and get familiar with all of those classic Halloween characters! Check out this one! via Pinterest via Pinterest

Even though it's not recommended that they should be handling a knife at this age, you can always carve a pumpkin for them and make sure that it's something that they love right now! You can either go totally classic with your standard jack-o-lantern, or find a fun pattern for one of your little's fave characters from books or TV. Sit them up in their high chair and let them play with the pumpkin guts-- make sure and snap ALL the photos! 

Sitting down as a fam and watching a Halloween movie is totally underrated but SO fun! And even if your littlest babe is snoozing during the show, that's okay! Turn on your favorite spooky movie, snuggle up with some yummy snacks, and get into the scary spirit. 

If you're not planning on taking your newborn out trick-or-treating on Halloween, think about making a little costume that the two of you can wear together while you wear baby-- that way when you're answering the door for all the little costume cuties, your babe will get to meet all the neighbors and enjoy the experience too! Check out this page for some adorable baby- wearing costume ideas! via Pinterest via Pinterest

Whether you have a brand new babe or your littlest one is a couple months old, it can be tough to feel like you're really including them in all of the Halloween fun. But by making little experiences big, and tweaking your normal holiday plans, you and baby can be sure to have tons of spooky fun this year!

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