Indestructibles: A Book Loving Parent's Dream

Indestructibles: A Book-Loving Parent's Dream

I want to preface my next words by saying I have a deep love and reverence for books. I treat them with the utmost respect as I believe they hold a breadth, but also a depth of all knowledge we can't possibly ever hope to know. They can transport us to other worlds, save us from the worlds we are living in, and hopefully inspire some to do great things once they come back to reality. Now for my confession... I recently returned one of my daughter’s library books with *sigh of regret* water damage. 

You may be wondering, “How in the world did you let that happen after the years of your mother telling you to treat books nicely?” And that would be a very valid wonder, to which I would reply, “Well when I tell my daughter she needs to treat books nicely, she throws them on the ground or tries to make trails of them she replies, ‘They can’t even talk though.’” I then begin to spiral as I realize I may be raising a psychopath who thinks she can just torment anything that doesn’t talk and our conversation veers from treating books nicely to treating animals, plants, and babies nicely as well. 

Truly, though, I want my books in mint condition. Is that too much to ask for? I want to be able to read them with all of my children (all two of them... no we are not having more children, cool your jets!) and maybe even grandchildren. Cue Indestructibles jingle (if they had a jingle, and I’m sure it would be a super cool jingle that you’d remember anytime your drooling baby was man handling your board books, and you would think, dang why didn’t I get more Indestructibles?).

Indestructibles Book - WRKMN

Indestructibles are a reading family’s best friend. I mean, we all should be reading families so… Indestructibles are a family’s best friend. Their name says it all, and just read their slogan: “Indestructibles are built for the way babies ‘read’: with their hands and mouths.” 

A mother named Amy Pixton made these books after parts of the typical baby board book found their way into her babies' mouths. (Yes, plural babies. Amy--the rockstar--has triplets and created an entire business. Okay, please tell me your secrets!)

It’s kind of scary when you think of it, but it’s true—our babies could get a chunk of a board book in their mouth and potentially choke. I mean, they would have to be going to town on the board book, but if you’ve seen babies and books, that’s exactly what they do. Growing up, I always thought we had had a dog I never knew about who chewed on all of our books—nope, that was just baby me eating cardboard. 

That will never happen with an Indestructible. You could literally throw one of these books in the washing machine and nothing would happen to it other than become clean. Can you even imagine throwing a regular book in the washing machine? The thought makes me shudder. Maybe I allow slight water damage on a library book, but the washing machine is too much to bear. Babies can put these books through the ringer and they’ll be just fine for future generations.

Not only are Indestructibles indestructible and not a choking hazard, but who knows what materials are put in the board books?! Indestructibles are always made from 100% non-toxic material. We love a good non-toxic anything. 


Stress-free, slobbery story time is waiting for you with over 40 titles to choose from, ranging from baby to toddler type titles. Now I need to go check out the five I just put in my cart. 

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