Video: Installing the Nuna RAVA and EXEC

Video: Installing the Nuna RAVA and EXEC

Want to see the RAVA and EXEC in action? Well we've enlisted the assistance of our Cubby Moms to help you out!

To start off, we'll show you the RAVA, which is Nuna's 2-in-1 convertible car seat. That means you can start it off rear-facing for babies, and then as your child grows, you can flip it to forward-facing mode. We love the seatbelt installation method for this car seat because Nuna has just made it so stinkin' easy. With the tension door underneath the seat fabric and the clearly labelled belt paths, you'll get it done in a cinch. Take a look at how easy in this video:


For a more detailed explanation of all possible installation modes of the RAVA, check out this post.


Next up, the EXEC. This car seat is one notch above the RAVA in terms of versatility. It's a 3-in-one car seat, meaning that you can also store the harness away and use it in booster mode for older kids. The convenience of this life span is undeniable! Another bonus is that its adjustable calf rest also doubles as an anti-rebound bar in rear-facing mode! The EXEC installs in the exact same way as the RAVA for rear- and forward-facing modes: thread your seatbelt or LATCH strap through the color-coded belt paths and use the true tension door to get it nice and tight! Take a look at the rear- and forward-facing modes in action in the video below:

We have more in-depth instructions on all possible installation methods for the EXEC here.

Nuna is a favorite brand of ours, and for good reason. Both the RAVA and the EXEC are sleek, safe, and simple to use!


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