Introducing All Things Darling with Lucy Darling

Introducing All Things Darling with Lucy Darling

Haily Meyers is a graphic designer that started creating gift cards, but once her baby daughter came along she took her talents to the baby world and thus, Lucy Darling was born!!  Her inspiration comes largely from nature, and she gives it a "retro with a modern whimsy" kind of feel.  Any and all of these products will certainly add class, style, and DARLINGNESS (That's a word, don't worry 'bout it.) to any nursery.

Lucy Darling offers ADORABLE monthly stickers, Seriously, you won't even need a professional photographer!  Just slap one of these on the babe and snap a pic - perfect.

These monthly stickers will make your baby's photos POP! Available in Little Animal Lover, Little Miss Number Cruncher, Little Artist, and Little Sophisticate

Growing Garden Belly Stickers are a great way to keep track of your pregnancy!

Lucy Darling "Growing Garden Belly Stickers" - These are weekly maternity stickers!  And they are so. stinkin'. cute.  A 'It's a Boy!' or 'It's a Girl!' sticker is included, and the weekly stickers start at 8 weeks and go all the way to 40 weeks.  Each sticker has a different fruit that gives a visual as to how big your little human embryo is.  For example, 8 weeks is a blueberry, 20 weeks is a banana, 38 weeks is a pineapple, etc.  Seriously, they will make for the cutest pictures ever.   They also offer super - well, darling - and unique art prints for a nursery wall, or honestly, probably any wall.  I would put some of them in my room.  No joke.    


     Lucy Darling You Are Loved Art Print        Lucy Darling Out To Sea Art Print

Lucy Darling Lil’ Surfer Art Print


          Lucy Darling Nighttime Art Print                  Lucy Darling Today’s An
                                                                                  Adventure Art Print

Lucy Darling has closet dividers.  Which is a rather brilliant idea.  That way you can keep your little one's clothes organized by month sizes!

Maybe you and your child will be a little more motivated to keep the closet organized with these perfect Lucy Darling Closet Dividers!

Available in Little Animal Lover and Little Artist Aaaand the memory book.  Totes adorbs.  Keep track of all the big events in their little lives!  If you want to know more about these memory books, check out a blog post I wrote a couple weeks ago called "The Small Moments are the Most Important Moments".

Keep track of all of those important moments with a darling memory book from Lucy Darling. Available in both Little Artist and Little Animal Lover

So seriously, check out our inventory of Lucy Darling products - you will want to buy everything!  And if you do end up buyin' something, snap a picture and post it on instagram with #cubbygear and tag us @thebabycubby!  We'd love for you to share; it's always so fun to see our customers happy with their product!  And remember, if you ever have questions about anything, chat with us on our website or just come into our retail store in Lindon, Utah where we'd LOVE to talk to you! 'Till next time! ♥ Alexa

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