Video: Introducing Cybex

Video: Introducing Cybex

We've just introduced a new gear line to our store: Cybex! They've got modern urban looks for parents seeking something adventurous and slick.

In store, we carry the Cloud Q SensorSafe Infant Car Seat and the Sirona S SensorSafe Convertible Car Seat, but online, you will see plenty more gear options that we ship from a separate warehouse, including strollers and other accessories. Cybex fabric styles suit the more neutral tastes, as well as less traditional aesthetics. Check out the website for some bright patterns for your favorite gear!

The coolest thing about Cybex is the safety feature they've implemented right into the buckles of their car seat harnesses. Their SensorSafe technology alerts you through an app on your smartphone, providing alerts to help prevent potentially dangerous situations that may arise. For example, if your child unbuckles the clip, is put at risk with ambient temperature changes, has been left alone in the car, or has been seated for too long, you'll be notified. It's genius and priceless, in my opinion!

Cybex's overall branding and safety technology are features you won't want to miss!

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