Introducing New Products from Maileg

Introducing New Products from Maileg

I love toys! This love for toys becomes extremely apparent when you see my little boy's closet. I just can't help it! There are so many cute toys, and I especially love that toys from my childhood are making a comeback. I love timeless toys that children can love and play with through the ages, and I love toys that help them use their imagination. So I'm really excited to share with you these new products from Maileg!

Maileg (pronounced My'lye) was started in Denmark in 1999 by Erik and Dorthe Mailil, when they set out to create toys that help children explore and use their imagination. Maileg is now a worldwide company. And their beautiful toys are inspiring the imaginations of children and helping to make the world a better place. Maileg writes in their Maileg DNA page: "By bringing storybook whimsy to everyday moments, Maileg toys help children explore the pure and simple wonder of imagination." They also say, "Ours is a world of childhood imagination - and this is a world we value." I'm not the only one who loves these sweet toys, and I'm not the only person who values the world of imagination Maileg is trying to create! Maileg products have become such a favorite with our customers that we've decided to add all of these beautiful products to our shelves! When I was little, a friend gave me the cutest little wooden box to put my teeth in when I lost them. I loved slipping it under my pillow at night as I anxiously waited for the tooth fairy to arrive. I especially loved finding the huge half-dollar coin the tooth fairy left in my tooth's place! The tooth fairy probably appreciated the fact that it was much easier to find the box my tooth was placed in than it would have been to find the tiny tooth! The Maileg Metal Heart Tin reminds me of my childhood tooth fairy box, and I love it! I also love that it is available in three colors (aqua, coral, and gold), so you can be sure to find the perfect color for your little one!

Maileg Metal Heart Tin - My Sweet Tooth - Aqua                    Maileg Metal Heart Tin - My Sweet Tooth - Coral

 Maileg Metal Heart Tin -Aqua                          Maileg Metal Heart Tin - Coral  

Maileg Metal Heart Tin - My Sweet Tooth - Gold
Maileg Metal Heart Tin - Gold

Stuffed animals are arguably one of the most loved toys a child will ever own! From the time they are tiny babies, they love snuggling with a soft, plush toy. And then, as their little bodies and minds grow, and their motor skills and imaginations improve, their stuffed animal often becomes one of their best friends. I’ve loved watching my little boy as he has learned to love each member of his little posse, and has brought them into the worlds and situations his little mind dreams up! I can't even imagine all the different adventures he might dream up for all of these cute stuffed animals!

Maileg Deer Plush Animal Toy            Maileg Fox and Friends Plush Animal Toy - Medium Lady Fox with Blue Wrap

 Maileg Deer Plush Animal Toy                   Maileg Fox and Friends- Medium  

Maileg Plush Animal Doll - Mini Princess Filippa Bunny               Maileg Plush Animal Doll - Dancing Ballerina Bunny in Tube

 Mini Princess Filippa Bunny                            Dancing Ballerina Bunny in Tube

Maileg Dinosaur Plush Toy - Pink Powder Gantosaurus in Egg          Maileg Dinosaur Plush Toy - Green Gantosaurus in Egg

Pink Powder Gantosaurus in Egg                        Green Gantosaurus in Egg

Maileg Dinosaur Plush Toy - Gantosaurus Green           Maileg Truffle Pig Plush Toy

 Gantosaurus Green                                                  Truffle Pig Plush Toy

Maileg Safari Friends Plush Toy - Rose Hippo            Maileg Safari Friends Plush Toy - Grey Rhino

 Safari Friends - Rose Hippo                                    Safari Friends - Grey Rhino 

Maileg Mouse Plush Toy - Little Brother in Box                      Maileg Mouse Plush Toy - Big Sister in Suitcase

 Mouse - Little Brother in Box                                 Mouse - Big Sister in Suitcase                                                                                                                                    

I also really love the Maileg furniture! When I was little, I loved setting up a place for my toys to live. My sister, brothers, and I would spend an entire afternoon drawing lines on the carpet with a comb, each line becoming a road that would lead our toys on a wonderful adventure! But our toys always loved to come home to a house with comfy furniture! So I'm sure your kiddos will love this beautiful furniture, too!

Maileg Toy Chair - Gold Vintage                 Maileg Toy Coffee Table - Gold Vintage

 Maileg Toy Chair - Gold Vintage                 Maileg Toy Coffee Table - Gold Vintage

Maileg Toy Clothes Rack with 3 Hangers - Gold                            Maileg Toy Bed - Gold Vintage Mini

 Toy Clothes Rack with 3 Hangers - Gold          Toy Bed - Gold Vintage Mini

Maileg Toy Tent - Best Friends - 2 Air Mattresses                Maileg Toy Wooden Cradle - Light Blue

Toy Wooden Cradle - Light Blue             Toy Tent - Best Friends - 2 Air Mattresses                                                                  

Bring home one (or several) of these cute, new Maileg products today and spend an afternoon in your child's imagination, living in all of the wonderful magic!

Featured Image PC: @_rosemille
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