Is a Glider Really Essential?

Is a Glider Really Essential?

When I was pregnant for the first time, I can remember going into Buy Buy Baby and being handed a list of "essentials" to buy. As I looked through the list, my initial reaction was cynical since no one on the planet needs each of those 100+ listed items. But then I walked through the store, and I thought more and more about all the things we needed to buy. Pretty soon I was having a panic attack in the middle of that store while my husband anxiously tried to help his very pregnant wife take some deep breaths. It wasn't pretty, and I can still remember the exhaustion I had after we got home. It was like all the money we spent had also drained energy from my body. So much for retail therapy.

Some of you may be feeling the same negative emotions as you try to decide which items you really need to buy for your baby. To help you avoid falling into that tricky whirlpool of retail hell, I've decided to write about one big-ticket item in particular: the glider.

Simply put, a glider is a type of rocking chair that uses a swinging platform for a very smooth forward-backward rocking motion. Many moms swear by these gliders, and insist that it's a basic necessity for any new mom.

In my very personal opinion, a glider is not a necessity. However, having a comfortable rocking chair that will last you for years to come is. So although not every perfect chair out there is going to be a glider, a glider is a good bet since they are uber comfy. If you buy the right kind, it should hold up well over time too.

Why Do You Need a Chair At All?

You might think, "I'm formula feeding, so the whole rocking chair thing isn't a big deal for me." I'm here to tell you that having a rocking chair will save your life, whether your baby drinks formula, breastmilk, or pumpkin juice. Babies cry, sleep, wake up, and cry again. Most new parents are so sleep deprived that a soft place to sit in the nursery and soothe their child is like finding the holy grail. As your baby grows, he or she will still need plenty of soothing, and the cuddles won't hurt you, either.

A soft rocking chair becomes a sacred place for most moms because in many ways that's where you become a mother. All the hours you spend in that chair add up: late nights and early gray mornings combined with long afternoons. You've bonded, pondered, and had some of your sweetest moments as a mother in that chair. So yes, I would say that the chair itself is a necessity. As for what type of chair, that's entirely up to you and your preferences.

What's so Great About a Glider?

At their best, a glider provides incomparable smoothness of motion to really let you relax and help your baby calm down. The platform rocker design helps you do minimal work for a smooth and continuous forward-backward movement. The movement is unique, and usually more effortless than a regular wooden rocking chair.

Then there's the ottoman part of the chair. It can rock too, and join in for a full-body experience of that smooth and soothing motion. As for durability, certain brands use a very specific manufacturing process and materials to create a chair that lasts for years to come. Of course, not every glider on the market is so reliable, which is why it's good to do your research.

What Should I Look For?

Most gliders don't come cheap, and I really believe that if you find a super cheap glider (between $50-$200), that it's probably not going to live up to your expectations. Buying a nice rocking chair is an investment, so you should get something that you know is going to last. It's hard to say what will please your tastes, but as for design, look for a glider that has a sturdy platform, comfy cushioning, and a warranty.

Out of all the baby purchases you make, you won't ever regret buying a glider.

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