Is It Really Possible for Swaddles to be This Soft?

Is It Really Possible for Swaddles to be This Soft?

I challenge you to find a softer swaddle than the Kickee Pants Blanket swaddles.  I am dead serious.  If you have ever been lucky enough to run your hands over the softest material that is Kickee Pants, then you know just what I'm talking about.  It has to be felt to be believed.  If butter magically turned into clothes, it would feel like this, I'm sure of it.

Not only is the material something dreams are made of, the stretchiness makes it ideal to wrap up your tiny bundle.  And what's more, after your little one has outgrown the swaddle, it will become their most favorite lovie to take with them any time they need some extra comfort.

Check out all these super fun patterns for you to choose from!

 Moose Swaddling Blanket
Apple Blossom Swaddling Blanket
Natural Angler Fish Blanket
Jade Alien Blanket
Boy Musical Stripe Blanket
Peacock Hedgehog Blanket
Calypso Ballerina Blanket
Calypso Hedgehog Blanket
Calypso Hippo Blanket
Calypso Record Bird Blanket
Cedar Brown Bear Blanket
Doe and Fawn Blanket
Jade Lattice Blanket
Jazz Singing Birds Blanket
Melody Giraffe Blanket
Melody Peacock Blanket
Melody Singing Birds Blanket
Natural Blanket
Peacock Sharing Pups Blanket
Peacock Multi Animal Blanket
Natural Tide Blanket
Natural Radio Owl Blanket
Natural Pine Birds Blanket
Natural Orbit Blanket
Pond Sunshine Lion Blanket
Sweet Pea Lattice Blanket   
Thistle Blanket
Twilight Blanket

And if the softness of the blankets wasn't enough, they make pajamas too!  These are so dreamy that I actually brought home my little girl from the hospital in one of these darling yet comfortable getups.

Pick out any of these perfectly soft and adorable swaddle blankest as a gift for your next baby shower or for your coming home outfit with baby - they all match their amazing jammies so well, find the rest of our Kickee Pants selection here!

Written by Callie Lippard
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