It's our 100k Celebration on Instagram!

It's our 100k Celebration on Instagram!

Well, we did it! We've reached 100,000 followers on Instagram! And obviously, we couldn't do it without all of you. We appreciate every single one of you so much and love that you have added your love to our Baby Cubby family!

To celebrate, we want to start with some reviews made by YOU.

Dominique F.

"I’m a new “almost” mom and walked in this store feeling really overwhelmed with all of the different brands and gadgets that are available nowadays. Both Ellison and Ariel were extremely helpful and knowledgeable with helping me pick a stroller and car seat! I was very impressed with the customer service and will definitely be coming back for more purchases in the future! LOVED this store!"

Our Cubby Moms are the best! They are truly experts on ALL of our products. Definitely utilize them and ask all of your questions!

@christiereynolds - a giveaway winner

"We won a gift card and used it to get all sorts of goodies, but some of our favorites were our Tubby Todd lotions!! This kid used to have red eczema patches on his cheeks, but thanks to The Baby Cubby researching and selling the best products, he has been eczema free!! We are SO GRATEFUL we won their giveaway and it’s our all-time favorite place to shop for baby/kid products!! Thank you again! ❤️"

We have had over 40 giveaway winners this year, and love hearing their experiences! And we LOVE spoiling all of you! Like we said, we appreciate you all so much!

Mallory P.

"My husband and I love The Baby Cubby! We are about to be first-time parents, and as many of you know that can be a bit overwhelming. Each time we have been into the store, the employees (Tracie, Burgundy and Banessa to be specific) have been more then helpful and have very patiently answered all of our questions. Like I said before...we LOVE The Baby Cubby."

@beehillwifey - a giveaway winner

"Initially, I was skeptical entering giveaways, thinking no real person or account actually wins, but for whatever reason continued to enter a few here and there because well, why not?"

Jason Elder

"The staff is awesome and super helpful. We had a terrible experience at , so we came here and the experience was night-and-day different. They helped us put car seats in our car to see how they would fit and I didn’t have to do a thing! They were super knowledgeable and informative!"

Did you know we have Child Passenger Safety Techs? Our Cubby Moms get certified to know everything there is to know about child passenger safety so they can inform all of you about the right and wrong things to do pertaining to car seats. They perform FREE car seat checks for you, and show you how to properly install your car seat! Our top priority when it comes to car seats is keeping your kids safe. Come visit our techs today!

@livvv.miller - a giveaway winner

"I entered a giveaway with The Baby Cubby that collaborated with Modern Piggy. The reason I entered was because I wanted to build on my collection of adorable bows for my youngest daughter. She was born with a strawberry hemangioma and I want to do all that I can to embrace it! Even though they tend to go away on their own with age, I want her to feel confident with it until it does. I always make sure to put her hair up a certain way so it’s always showing. Little kids tend to be very curious what’s on her head, haha. The more I make it normal for her, I hope it will help her to learn to love it. I honestly can’t imagine her beautiful face without it! Thank you for letting me spoil my baby with your products!"

Manny C.

"You will have a fantastic experience shopping here. Not only fantastic customer service, but rather fantastic care. By far the most caring and knowledgeable experience I’ve had shopping in a long time."

@emmy.jane.anderson - a giveaway winner

"Hi! My name is Emily Anderson. I was given $200 to their shop and used it to purchase a mamaRoo! It has been the greatest gift for our little family. ❤️ My husband recently started medical school and so we wouldn’t have been able to purchase the mamaRoo ordinarily. My baby girl (Ivey) loves it! It soothes her, enabling me to rest during the day (since my husband is often gone long hours). Thank you so much Baby Cubby. ❤️❤️❤️ The giveaway that we won has been life changing for our family."

Aaron K.

"We went in to check out some strollers and car seats at the baby cubby. Burgundy, a CPS professional technician, was extremely helpful and informative about all the features and options available with the products we were considering. You can tell she cares about providing you the information you need to make the best decision and not just making a sale. Not only did she share with us the good, but also the bad about how the seats would be compatible with our vehicle and stroller which we would not have known until using the actual product with our car. The Baby Cubby is where it’s at!"

@blacka11 - a giveaway winner

"Here is a picture of my daughter being introduced to the world in one of the swaddles I was able to get from winning the giveaway with The Baby Cubby and Freshly Picked. I entered with the hope of getting the car seat and got so much more than I could have expected!. We are on our third child and all our car seats had expired. I’m extra grateful I won since we will have NICU costs to handle and having a brand new car seat and some fun baby swag has relieved us of some financial burden. Thank you!"

Jessie M.

"Last November, we were expecting our first! Multiple employees showed nothing but patience and kindness to us as we picked out a stroller. After lots of searching, we finally got one we loved! A few months later, at 8 months pregnant, we found out that our baby had passed away and no longer had a heartbeat. On the way to the hospital to deliver her, we realized that we had nothing to put our sweet baby in once she’d arrived. We stopped at the baby cubby and a sweet worker helped us pick out the perfect swaddle and bow. She didn’t know our situation, but she was loving and passionate in helping us as we paid for our items with tears in our eyes. A few months after that, I returned to the store in search for the same swaddle and bow that our baby girl was laid to rest in. Another employee saw that I was struggling to find the bow. She helped me look through the entire store to find the matching bow, but unfortunately we couldn’t find it. After hearing my story, she called the owner of the bow company and had them mail me a bow from their warehouse! I was amazed at the kindness of this employee and their partnering company! So many kind employees who will go out of their way to help you. I will forever support this cute business! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

We want nothing more than to empower families and enrich their lives. We want to make sure every parent leaves our store feeling like they are doing the most important work in the world, and that they feel extremely loved. Even in the saddest of circumstances, we hope we always make your day a little brighter.

@its_rainin_rin - a giveaway winner

We were so grateful for the chance to enter to win a car seat of our choice from The Baby Cubby. We are foster parents and have many babies in and out of our home. So many babies' lives will be protected due to being able to ride in this amazing seat. We love it so very much. We feel so much relief knowing our little babes are safe and comfortable in their Nuna Rava. I don’t think we will ever purchase any other type of car seat. We are so thankful that we were chosen as a recipient of this seat. Pictured: Our 1-year-old son, Rinley trying out the Nuna Rava for the first time. It’s love!♥️

And last review today comes from Chelsea K.

"I love The Baby Cubby! I know I'm getting great quality with everything I choose. Their clothing selection is my absolute favorite!"

Thank you again to all of you amazing people. We truly appreciate you all, and know we wouldn't be where we are today without all of your support. Thank you again and again.

To show you a bit more love today, we are celebrating this milestone with a BIG GIVEAWAY over on Instagram. THREE winners will win prizes from some pretty amazing companies and one grand prize winner will get our amazing Vista stroller! All three winners will receive store credit to the following shops: Jack and Winn, Little Mister, Little Unicorn, Modern Piggy, and us of course!

So don't delay! Go enter our 100k celebration giveaway! And again, thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us to be part of your families in some small way! We are so grateful to have you a part of ours.

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I am so impressed by your shop! You guys are amazing and always have the highest quality products!

Kallie Ryan


Kallie Ryan

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