It's Tent Sale Time!

It's Tent Sale Time!

Tomorrow is the day! Our highly anticipated tent sale is here! This event only comes around twice a year, so it’s a definite can’t-miss occasion!

Our tent sale features sales on SO MANY ITEMS! A few things you can expect to see this weekend:

The last tent sale in March of 2019 was so much fun and our customers were AMAZING! Our first guest was in line at 5:30 a.m.! This is a fun celebration for our loyal and loving supporters, but we also look forward to seeing new faces and welcoming new customers! This is the perfect event for groups of friends and/or family members to come together. Make a girls’ day out of it and bring your buddies to shop our awesome deals! 

Our store is located at 586 N 900 W in American Fork, Utah. (Right by Costco and Crumbl, see - perfect girls’ day)! The majority of our sale items will be outside, but don’t forget to check out inside too! There is going to be a lot that you’re going to want to see. And honestly, we are SO EXCITED to see YOU!

As for those of you who don’t live in or near Utah County, well, we just might have something up our sleeves. So stay tuned, because if this works like we think it’s going to work, you will definitely want to be involved!

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