January National Days

January National Days

There really are two ways of looking at January: as a fresh start to a new year, a new beginning, a new outlook and perspective, or as a big, fat, 31-day-long Monday! 

For me, I really try to keep a positive attitude and outlook on the new year. I reflect on my previous year and find a new focus for the new year. Some years I even go as far as making resolutions that will inevitably be cheated on. However, by the end of the month I’m usually feeling the weight of the longest month ever. It happens to me every year! What is it about Januaries? 

If you’re anything like me, you need a few mood boosters throughout the first month of the year. Well, I have just the thing for you. Here a few extra reasons to celebrate the inaugural month of 2021:

January 1st - New Years Day

Happy New Year all! We’re excited for 2021 and can’t wait to see what it has in store!

January 4th - National Trivia Day

My 3-year-old seems to think that this is every day. I may need to remind her that relentless questioning has a day reserved for it. Brush up on your favorite current facts and get to quizzing the whole fam!

January 6th - National Cuddle Up Day

There's nothing I love more on the frigid days of January than a big ol’ snuggle puddle. Find your favorite Saranoni blanket or robe and cozy up!

January 8th - National Bubble Bath Day

You don’t have to tell me twice.  

January 10th - National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

On this day I won’t be disguising my favorite chocolate in a cookie.  If you’re a fellow lover, take advantage of the day guilt-free!

January 11th - National Milk Day

My toddler is going to be so excited for this day! 

January 13th - National Sticker Day

The Baby Cubby can hook you up for proper celebration of this day. With so many stickers to choose from, you’ll have no problem taking full advantage of the occasion!

January 21st - Get to Know Your Customers Day 

Tell us, what should we know about you? We are dying to know!

January 23rd - National Pie Day

Not to be confused with Pi day. Don’t forget the whipped cream and ice cream. Indulgence is required on this blessed day!

January 24th - National Compliment Day

If I may be so bold, I think you have great taste in reading material. I also think you’re crushing it at being a parent. Don't forget to pass the compliment forward. ;)

January 25th - National Opposite Day

My elementary-aged self has so many good ideas for this one. Don’t trust anyone on this day! You’ve been warned.

January 26th - Spouses Day

In my opinion, there are never too many days or holidays dedicated to celebrating our better halves. Give your co-pilot a reminder why you keep choosing them everyday!

January 26th - Plan for Vacation Day

2021, I’ve got big plans for you, starting on this day right here!

January 27th - National Chocolate Cake Day

I’m pretty excited about this one. How’d they know that was my favorite kind of cake? ;)

January 31st - National Hot Chocolate Day

Whether you like it plain and simple or all dolled-up with whipped cream and the works, a tasty cup of steamy hot chocolate is the perfect way to end this frosty month!

Cheers to 2021 my friends! May it be a year filled with everything you desire, and the start of much needed return of normalcy.  Hopefully January is just the beginning!

The Baby Cubby

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