Jellycat Has Arrived!

Jellycat Has Arrived!

It's the moment we have ALL been waiting for!

Jellycat has officially arrived on! I think it's safe to say that every member of the Baby Cubby team has a special place in their hearts for these irresistibly snuggly critters! If you've never experienced the joy that is Jellycat, just trust us. These will be the softest toys you've ever cuddled!

If you think your child already has too many plush toys...think again! Jellycat plush is worth making room for! Take a peek at a few of our most lovable furry friends!

These adorable animals reign supreme with elephants, lions, and tigers galore!

Next, an extra soft addition to a baby shower or Christmas gift?

Do you have a child who lives to love on those mythical creatures? Dragons, mermaids, and unicorns are here!

  • Dexter Dragon Plush Toy
  • Monty Dragon Plush Toy
  • Fuddlewuddle Unicorn Plush Toy
  • Luna Unicorn Plush Toy
  • Snagglebaggle Ursala Unicorn Plush Toy
  • Mermaid Plush Toy - Aqua Lily
  • Mermaid Plush Toy - Shellbelle Millie
  • Perkies Unicorn Delight Doll

Add a touch of whimsy to your collection with fancy flamingos, swans, and more!

Fancy Flamingo Plush Toy
Fancy Flamingo Plush Toy
  • Fancy Flamingo Bag
  • Fancy Swan Plush Toy
  • Dazzle Pom Pom Plush Toy
  • Bonbon Sheep Plush Toy
  • Jellybot
  • Jolie Plush Toy - Bunny
  • Jolie Plush Toy - Mouse
  • Perky Bunny Hop Plush Toy
  • Snowflake Santa Plush Toy

These soft, snuggly plush toys also come in soothers, teethers and rattles, adding more to love to that already adorable little toy.

Jellycat isn't just about the super snuggly plush. They also offer the most adorable board books and activity books!

Snag one today in store or online (finally!) at

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