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June National Days!

School's out and summer is in! June is one of my favorite summer months, and it always seems to take forever to get here! If you're over the finicky spring weather I am, then here are a few ways you can really celebrate summer with some of June's National Days!

June 1 - Global Day of Parents

We're kicking the month off right by celebrating the people who deserve it the most! I hope all you hard-working parents out there find a minute to give yourself a well-earned pat on the back! It's not easy being a parent, but you're killing it!

June 4 - National Doughnut Day

I know exactly how I'll be celebrating this one! It starts with Krispy and ends with Kreme. And you donut snobs out there are probably shaking your heads at me, but you do you, my friends. As long as we both leave the day with a belly full of fried dough, I call it a success!

June 7 - National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

I prefer mine in a cone, but if you choose a cup, I won't judge! I have a feeling June 7th is going to be a good day in my house! 

June 13 - National Children’s Day

This seems like a perfect day to slow things down! Take a day to put away our phones and busy plans and refocus on what matters most. Especially here at The Baby Cubby, we love a day dedicated to our most precious little ones! I hope you find a great way to celebrate your kids today and every day!

June 14 - International Bath Day

I had to put this one in here! I love a good long bath, and a day dedicated to the event can't be passed up! I hope you get your tubby time on today and enjoy a long soak with a good book and a sweet treat!

June 17 - National Eat Your Vegetables Day

There seem to be a lot of 'treat' related national days this month, so this was probably just a formality. Either way, it's one I can get on board with because I do love my veggies. So weather you like 'em fresh, roasted, or grilled, I hope you get a chance to enjoy a plateful of your favorite veggies! 

June 20 - Father’s Day 

I'm already stressin' about Father's Day this year! May you find the perfect gift, for the man that buys everything he wants before you have a chance to! But in all seriousness, dads are the best -- always down for a good joke and riling the kids up just before bed time. We are so grateful for them and all the hard work they put in to support our families. Happy Father's Day from The Baby Cubby to all our favorite fun-loving dads out there!

June 27- National Sunglasses Day

As we say peace out to June, I can think of no cooler way then with a slick pair of shades!


Hopefully, we've given you a few reasons to look forward to this month. We at The Baby Cubby will be celebrating right alongside you. Get the summer kicked off right by celebrating a few well-deserved "national days"!

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