Keep Bath Time Fun!!

Keep Bath Time Fun!!

It’s no secret that Dad is more fun than Mom at this house. Therefore, I don’t do bath time each night; that is Dad’s job through and through. But with these new fun bath toys, it doesn’t matter who is the more entertaining bather or which parent is on tub-watching duty, because the toys can hold their own by creating their own fun!

We recently started carrying Boon Bath Toys, and here are a few of our favorites:

Boon Jellies are a great way to add fun to the tub. These nine jellyfish suction to the wall or to each other for creative play and colorful fun.

Boon Jellies Bath Toy

Boon’s Marco is a battery powered half-floating toy that lights up while in the water! It’s color changing light turns off while Marco isn’t wet, and his floating top half is sure to win over the heart of your little child.

Boon Marco Bath Toy

Boon Chomp comes with a whale and three smaller creatures for the whale to “eat”. The whale’s mouth opens by squeezing his tail, but don’t worry! His mouth closes very gently, so pinching of fingers won’t be an issue! Your kid will be entertained and obtain better hand-eye coordination while swimming this chomping whale around trying to catch a meal or two.

Boon Chomp Bath Toy

Boon Cogs are perfect for tiny engineers learning about movement and the effects one piece can have on another. These five gears suction to the wall and move with each other to create fun water play!

Boon Cogs Bath Toy

Boon Pipes are fun on their own, but are also a perfect addition to the Cogs for added functionality and creativity. These five pipes also suction to the wall and can either be strung together to create a longer water tunnel, or used separately with breaks in the water flow. It doesn’t matter how these are used, your child is in for a good time.

Boon Pipes Bath Toy

Boon Odd Duck Bob is another great bath toy! This cute duck does not absorb water to potentially form mold, as there are no holes! It’s the perfect duck bath toy! It’s not your typical shape or color, which makes it even more fun and may become your child’s favorite.

Boon Odd Duck Bob Bath Toy

When it comes to play, especially in a wet, slippery tub, safety should always come first! Boon Ripple Bathtub Mat is a perfectly thought through bath mat that suctions securely to the bottom of the tub and has drain holes throughout to get rid of the water after bath time. It is softly textured to prevent slipping and gives comfort on tiny bums for endless comfy play. Storage is not an issue here either; there is an integrated hook that allows for folding and hanging your mat to dry or to be kept out of the way when not in use. I’m telling you, they thought of everything. It’s even in a fun color of blue!

Boon Ripple Bathtub Mat

One, two, or all of these toys can easily change the fun status of bath time and help boost creativity and cognitive skills in the process! Now, good luck getting your kiddos out! 

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