Kensie's Gender Reveal

Kensie's Gender Reveal

Our 20-week appointment was the day before our gender reveal party. It was a surreal experience to see our baby’s heart beating and every other tiny little feature. Pregnancy is crazy cool! The doctor turned off the monitors as she searched for a gender and OH MY GOODNESS, was it hard not to peek in that super secretive envelope that contained the gender! I was so ready to call our little nugget by a pronoun rather than “it” or “baby.”

The idea:

Our videographer, Kari, compiled a bunch of awesome gender reveal ideas for me, which I was so grateful for! We went with a “dart board” filled with black balloons. The plan was to fill just one balloon with pink or blue confetti. The construction of the dartboard was fairly simple. It consisted of two layers of cardboard (to create more of a barrier between the darts and the wall), and 20 black, opaque balloons from Zurchers. I purchased a bag of pink and a bag of blue crinkle paper confetti at The Dollar tree and it worked perfectly! We had plenty left over and it was only a dollar per bag.

The space:

When I told my friend, Jana, that our small apartment just wouldn’t fit everyone, she suggested Be More Studios in Provo for the location. The space had beautiful natural light and I really think it turned out perfect for our gender reveal. Be More Studios was so great to work with and I highly recommend their space for small gatherings, photoshoots, and more!

The set-up:

I very much wanted to stick with a gender neutral, springy, greenery theme rather than the traditional blue and pink. The set-up was pretty easy as far as decor goes, since the majority of the items came from my living room. I constructed the “Oh Baby” banner as part of our public pregnancy announcement using the build-your-own-banner section at Zurchers. That’s an awesome resource to create any banner with the saying of your choice! The food was kindly provided by my parents. We had a light brunch with chicken salad sandwiches, mini cheesecakes, and fruit. I also purchased a Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Table Runner from The Baby Cubby and taped it up on the wall to collect guesses from friends and family. I love that thing! It’s so versatile and uses butter chalk, which doesn’t leave a chalky residue on your hands. And it’s reusable! Jana was there to help with the set-up and, most importantly, with filling our special balloon. She took the first peek at our ultrasound, and used the coordinating confetti. She also taped up all the balloons at once so we didn’t see where the confetti-filled one was placed. She was sneaky, and opened both bags of confetti just to throw us off!

The reveal:

Family and friends came to join us. Excitement was definitely in the air!I am so glad we have this memory on film! My husband and I were CERTAIN it was a boy. The shock on our faces is absolutely genuine! We are thrilled and so so excited to welcome baby GIRL Beus in July!

Written by: Kensie Beus

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