Kicks and Cankles: 11 Realizations that You’re, Indeed, Pregnant

Kicks and Cankles: 11 Realizations that You’re, Indeed, Pregnant

The realization of “I’m having a baby” doesn’t come just once during pregnancy, but many, many times!

1. A Thought

First is a simple thought of thinking you’re pregnant. Now, if you’re a little bit paranoid like me, this thought comes like once a week – trying or not trying to conceive, one week postpartum or one year postpartum. You don’t feel good? Pregnant. You’re really tired? Possibly pregnant. You can’t seem to get enough chocolate consumption? Probably pregnant. Okay, paranoia aside, the first realization of pregnancy is the thought that you might be pregnant.

2. Pregnancy Test

There truly isn’t anything quite like seeing a positive pregnancy test. It’s almost like the lights in the bathroom (how glamorous that something so monumental most likely happens in a bathroom) enhance to double their original brightness as the excitement hits, and then they ever so slightly dim right back down as all of the weight hits. You’re going to be a mom! There is a baby inside of you! No turning back now! Ready or not, here comes a baby!

3. Telling your Spouse

My first pregnancy, my husband saw the positive sign at the same time I did. The second time around I knew for only a few minutes before he did. Both times, I remember him instantly being so sweet and excited, I also recall from each time his “light dimming” moment, except it was more like the light bulb went out completely! Ha. Watching him process the information makes it all seem even more real.

4. Oh Crap

The next realization may easily be the worst realization. A nauseous sinking feeling of "what the heck was I thinking?" Sadly, my nausea doesn’t ever completely leave me until the baby comes out. Then there’s the tired factor; tired to the bone. I don’t care how many sleepless nights newborns bring, I’ve never again hit the tiredness level that pregnancy brings. Though quite queasy, it’s pretty amazing at this point! Your body is working hard to grow a baby and regulate the newfound coursing dosages of hormones!

5. Ultrasound

The next step that makes pregnancy feel like it’s really happening is hearing the heartbeat (is there a better sound in this whole wide world?), and seeing baby in an ultrasound! I was never like Rachel from Friends, and completely lost my baby on the ultrasound, but it does take some getting used to! Hearing and seeing the small little guy definitely brings a more tangible realization into play!

6. Announcing

Telling family and friends, and the cyber world, is a big milestone in pregnancy. Whether it’s right away or you decide to wait until after the first trimester, this is such a fun time! It’s no longer private and there are so many creative ways to announce the happy news!

7. Baby Movements

The first little flutters bring on a new realization as well! Not only is there a baby growing inside, but that baby is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Along with the growth of the baby comes stronger, more predictable movements. Such a fun daily reminder that a little one will be coming soon!

8. Showing

The first time around I feel like it took quite awhile for me to show (perhaps because of the 15 lb weight loss?). But the second time, I swear I was showing by 14 weeks! It’s funny how gradual the bump grows, yet there’s still the occasional freak out when walking past a mirror, and being surprised at your rounded belly, or realizing that you suddenly don’t fit between a chair and a table!

9. Comments from Strangers

It’s one thing to have people close to you asking you questions, but once someone you don’t know starts talking about your pregnancy, that’s a dead giveaway that you are noticeably pregnant! And once this starts, it just keeps on going, people are funny like that. I swear babies (inside or outside) bring out the chattiness in people!

10. "Typical Pregnancy" Occurrences

The first time I had a real serious craving, I was almost giddy about it. That type of stuff happened on television all the time and now it was happening to me! Even the morning sickness was fun for about 3 minutes, simply because I was going through a typical pregnancy experience. The first time I caught myself waddling, I laughed out loud. These types of occurrences definitely weren’t always the most fun, but the universality of it was amusing.

11. Hospital

Two of my favorite days were both of my children’s birthdays. So much excitement in the air! Emotions are taking turns overpowering your senses, you’re being pampered and treated like a queen in the weirdest ways, and after X amount of time has passed, it’s baby time! And when the doctor tells you to push? For the final time, the thought crosses your mind, “Wow, I’m really having a baby!”

From start to finish, pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle. So no wonder it takes us so long to wrap our minds around it!

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