Kicks and Cankles: ...and Stretch Marks

Kicks and Cankles: ...and Stretch Marks

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that...a pregnant mama expecting a new baby is NOT in want of stretch marks! When I was pregnant with our little man, one of the few things I did not look forward to or hope for was stretch marks! But unfortunately, they're all-too-common, especially as you get close to the end of your pregnancy!

At least half of pregnant mamas get stretch marks, but you're more likely to be in the unlucky 50 percent if you are pregnant with multiples, you gain weight quickly, you are carrying a large baby, or if you have excess amniotic fluid. Stretch marks also seem to be genetic, so if your mom or your sister got stretch marks during their pregnancies, you're also more likely to end up with this common pregnancy battle scar! If your pregnancy is high-risk for stretch marks, what can you do? If you do a quick online search for stretch mark prevention tips, you'll find that some people say it's impossible to prevent stretch marks. But you'll also find a lot of recommendations and reviews for products that helped pregnant mamas avoid getting stretch marks, or that helped minimize the severity of their stretch marks. With so many "miracle" stretch mark products out there, how do you decide which one to use? Well, I think this is just like anything related to pregnancy and have to do your research and then do what works best for you! When I was pregnant with our little boy, and then with our angel daughter, I have to admit stretch marks were the LAST thing on my mind. It took five years to have our little boy, so I was more than willing to trade a stretch-mark-covered tummy for a healthy baby. And with our daughter, I was so focused on giving her the opportunity to live for the few short hours that she had. And I just didn't do much to prevent stretch marks during either pregnancy. But now, I have to admit that I kind of wish I had. Because two high-risk pregnancies (and c-sections) have left their marks.

So, I've started looking into ways to help minimize (right now) and prevent (during future pregnancies) stretch marks, and I'm happy to report that there's hope! It might not be completely possible to avoid getting stretch marks while you're pregnant or to erase the stretch marks you already have, but if you use a good, moisturizing product like this Tubby Todd Mama Belly Oil, you'll definitely be able to minimize them! You can use these products before, during, and after pregnancy to promote elasticity in your skin and help it feel softer, smoother, and (hopefully) stretch-mark free!

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