Kicks and Cankles: Breastfeeding Essentials for New Mamas!

Kicks and Cankles: Breastfeeding Essentials for New Mamas!

One thing I needed more than just about anything when I was expecting was a list of things to help me get through my breastfeeding journey. Considering the fact that the first few weeks of nursing your newborn are tough (and I mean, like really tough, mama), it would've been nice to have all the breastfeeding essentials on hand as a new mama!

So for any expecting mamas out there who are planning to breastfeed and need another mama's opinion on the must-haves for nursing, then this list is for you!


Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow- White Dot

Nursing Pillow

Okay, this is one that everyone knows is going to be on the list, because it is actually like the best thing in the world, and when you don't use one, you will realize why it is first on the list. You need to have yourself a good nursing pillow, mama. Well, unless you want to have an aching back like all the time and have the hardest time ever getting your baby into the right position to latch... then, in that case, don't worry about it. But if that's not you, then make sure and get a pillow like this one from Luna Lullaby that has a perfect shape that will fit your tummy without feeling like it's too curved, and will allow your baby to be supported while breastfeeding no matter what position you choose! Plus, getting one that's nice and soft and has a washable cover, like the Bosom Baby will make your nursing life a whole lot easier, mama!

Nipple-Friendly Nursing Pads

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

Take it from a mama who started out using nothing and soaked through dish towels when my milk started coming in. Then I decided to start using the disposable ones and realized that they make my nipples more irritated than I ever realized could be, and they were itchy and bleeding like crazy. Those went in the trash real fast, mama. Then I got myself some pads that were kind to my girls and were washable and actually soaked up the milk so that my shirts weren't getting stained every day. Bamboobies makes nursing pads that are comfortable and safe for your nipples, you can throw them in with your laundry when you're done using them, and they are super thin, so they're not as noticeable under your shirt. They also make overnight pads that make it so you stay dry all night when your little one graces you with an extra hour or two of sleep, or ones that you can throw in the freezer to soothe the nipples for those tough couple of days when you're starting out.

Copper Pearl Multi-Use Nursing Cover- Midway

Breastfeeding Cover

A lot of mamas (like me) like to have a nursing cover waiting in the wings for when they nurse out in public, and I loved having one for those moments when I wanted to nurse in a different position that would have exposed me a little more than I liked, or to have when I was somewhere I would have gotten cold (like outside of a restaurant) because no one likes getting goosebumps while they're trying to nurse, mama. If you have one of the Multi-Use Covers, like this one from Copper Pearl, you can also use it as a nursing cover to cover up your babes while they are in their car seats to keep them out of the sun while we're out. That way it's not taking up any extra space, and it's there on the car seat whenever you might need it--a must for every mama!

Bra, Dress, and Robe

Nesting Olive Floral Robe

Okay, so if no one has told you yet, if you are going to breastfeed, then you are going to have your top off for at least the first month postpartum. So, to get around that and to have pretty much unlimited access to my boobs at all time, you wanna know what I wore? A nursing bra. A robe. A housedress. That's it. Oh and fuzzy socks. But seriously, mama. You need to have all the comfies on hand and I'm telling you there is nothing more comfortable than these robes and dresses by Nesting Olive. The material is silky and never gets uncomfortable or warm. And anything that I can wear from the front room to nurse to nap is an absolute win.

Water Bottle and Scrunchies

Spotted Hair Scrunchies Set

You're going to be dying of thirst and you are going to want your hair pulled back. These are just facts. FACTS, mama. Whether or not you feel like drinking, you need to get yourself a water bottle that is easy to drink from whenever you're tied up with your little. And since you're a new mama who is breastfeeding, that is pretty much going to be all the time, mama. Also, in case you love the feeling of clammy little baby hands grabbing onto your tiniest and most sensitive hairs then you NEED to pull your hair up. There is nothing better than a soft and comfortable scrunchie to keep on your arm so that you're never left with your precious locks exposed.


If you're expecting and planning to breastfeed and you're looking to get all the goods on your list before your babe arrives, then get on it and get the nursing essentials from The Baby Cubby so you'll be set up for breastfeeding success, mama!

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