Kicks and Cankles: Preparing for Number 2

Kicks and Cankles: Preparing for Number 2

Pregnancy is a life-changing process no matter what, but being a mama for the second time around makes you take a good look in the mirror and question your sanity.

When you're in the throws of morning sickness, toddler tantrums, and heartburn all in the same day, you learn a few things about yourself and your relationship with your kid(s) and your spouse. You get a glimpse into the way things are going to be from now on. From one mama to another, here are a few things I've come to realize halfway through my second pregnancy.

  • I have never been so tired in all my life, and I will probably laugh at myself once babe #2 actually arrives. The concept of downtime has become very important to my daily life, and I am going to have to accept the fact that those days are numbered (picture me making hash marks on the wall by my bed during my pregnancy insomnia). Trying to give my full attention to my sweet and energetic 2-year-old seems hard now, but I can only imagine how it will be when she's here.
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  • Nesting is a little weird when you're trying to prepare for a second baby, and you're also trying not to repurchase everything that you swore you would reuse for this baby *sigh*. With the exception of a double stroller or clothes (we're having a girl, and had a son first), most of the things that she will need are taken care of. That makes it a little harder for me to feel like I'm actually preparing for her arrival. It's almost like my preparations are more focused on our little boy; Should I get him in his toddler bed before she's born? Am I mentally prepared to have two kids in diapers? Am I mentally prepared to potty train?
  • Gosh, I need to stick to a budget. One child will literally make you wonder how anyone who doesn't make a million dollars yearly can afford all the things you want and need for them. But once you throw another babe into the mix, you just shake your head and put a couple more things from the Target dollar section in your cart to make yourself feel better. Better start preparing to have less money all around once a second new sweetie shows up.
  • Trying to get your kid to understand that they can no longer kick, jump, or head butt your stomach is a lost cause. No matter how many times I say, "That's baby sister in there!", he just straight-up doesn't understand the concept. My only advice is to try your best to steer clear of your little one's feet and head as often as you can, and try to anticipate their ninja attacks. I've become pretty good at the Heisman stiff arm, and have to teach my little one through a little tough love...I guess he'll learn sooner or later.
  • My husband and I are still important, and I need to make more time to spend between the two of us. As I countdown the days for when our little girl will make her appearance, I am also counting down the days when I will be able to spend my nights catching up and hanging out with my man. Once baby girl shows up, she's going to want my attention at first, and then there will be the joys of sleep training, random wake-ups, and at some point, night time accidents with our son. Making time for a weekly date needs to be a priority now so that it becomes a must once we become 4.
  • I am capable of a lot more that I ever thought I was. Being a mama for the first time taught me that I can do so many things that make me a strong woman. Now that I'm pregnant, I've realized that running on little sleep, swollen hands, and not being able to take a full breath doesn't keep me from doing what needs to be done. Even though going to the park with my toddler is the last thing my body wants to do, I'm able to make the short walk, swing with my little guy, and make it home in time for lunch. I'm still able to get laundry done, bathe my babe, and brush my own teeth without too much trouble. While I know that my life is about to change massively, I am already learning that things will work out. Mamas are all about making it happen.

While there's no way to know for sure exactly how our home will change when we welcome a sweet baby girl, there's a good chance that we're all going to make it through. While we'll all be dealing with a little less sleep, a few more diapers, and an extra set of screaming lungs, I'm confident that we'll be amazed at how much love we're able to feel when our fam becomes four. XO

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