Kicks and Cankles: Things to Take Advantage of This Christmas

Kicks and Cankles: Things to Take Advantage of This Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year mamas! Presents! Treats! Sweater weather! And you know what makes it even more wonderful...? Being. Pregnant.

When you're pregnant, you can be pretty miserable a lot of the time, and you really need to remind yourself why it is you thought growing your own child was a good idea.

But for those mamas who are lucky enough to be pregnant during the holiday season, there's more than a few reasons why you're singing the hallelujah chorus every chance you get.

Well since it's the season of giving, I thought I'd give all of you a little list of things to remind all my pregnant mamas why everyone else is jealous of you at Christmas time.

  1. Stuffing your face is totally acceptable. So eat your heart out, mama.
  2. Food baby? ;) Try actual baby, you hot mama.
  3. Plus, then you'll never look like you ate too much. You're just growing a person soooooo...
  4. You're going to have the best hair during Christmas pictures. Thanks hormones.
  5. Since you won't be drinking at the company holiday party, there's no chance of you making a fool of yourself... well, less of chance.
  6. Stretchy pants aren't even an issue mamas, cause you're already rocking those maternity pants.
  7. The chances of anyone seeing your swelled up feet when you're constantly in socks? Zero, sis.
  8. Everyone is totally understanding of the fact that you need to take a nap. They're like encouraging you to nap, actually. So catch some holiday Zs.
  9. You're probably going to get double the gifts between Christmas morning and whatever kind of shower you're having. Cha-ching!
  10. No one is going to expect you to get into the gym with a super strict diet starting January 1. Ew.

When it comes to the holidays, there are so many things to be grateful for. And for those pregnant mamas out there, you're feeling the Christmas spirit for more than just the little one you're currently housing under your ugly Christmas sweater. So soak up all that holiday goodness, take advantage of being the size of a small car, and have a merry Christmas, mamas. XO

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