Kicks and Cankles: When Pregnancy meets Summer Heat

Kicks and Cankles: When Pregnancy meets Summer Heat

When you're pregnant, your body is already rebelling against everyday life in nearly every way, but when you add in the heat of the summer it can become nearly unbearable. With the summer temps rising, and your body only getting bigger, we're here to help you be your best pregnant self all while dealing with those high heats!

Here are some of the things that I think will be perfect for any expecting mama out there who is dealing with sweaty thighs, a nose that constantly gets sunburned, and a complete lack of energy to put any effort into your daily outfits. This year, The Baby Cubby has all your pregnancy summer shopping essentials, mama!

Classic Housedress from Nesting Olive

Full disclosure, I am not pregnant, but I LIVE in housedresses during the summer. I mean, I seriously wear them every day. There is something absolutely lovely about not having to think past which color dress you're going to put on. And then, hello. There's your outfit. No pants (thank the stars!), no annoyingly tight maternity shirt (which shows my boob sweat anyways, so no thanks), and you can seriously wear it anywhere! These adorable housedresses from Nesting Olive are just about the softest, most comfortable thing for any mama, and they're absolutely adorable for our pregnant mamas. Plus, who doesn't need a little breeze when you're dealing with the sweaty summer thigh situation?

Women's Raffia Hat with Black Ribbon by San Diego Hat Company

Okay, so I can't be alone in having absolutely NO interest in doing my hair during the summer? I mean I know that every instagram model out there would have you believe that their hair looks like absolutely perfect all day long, but when I even attempt to control my mane during the summer, I immediately regret it when I get in my car and I am dripping sweat and now look like I'm in a Christina Aguilera music video (and not in the good way, mama). My summer solution for pregnant mamas who already have to deal with a full head of hair and don't want to be bothered? An absolutely adorable summer hat like this woven one from San Diego Hat Company. Throw this cutie on with a low bun, a cute braid, or even messy morning hair and everyone will look at you and assume you've got it all together! You're welcome, mamas.

Scrunchie from Modern Piggy

Speaking of hair, I think it's safe to say that if you have your hair down during the summer and you're also pregnant, you are either 1., superwoman and nothing at all bothers you, or 2. you actually do not have any hair. I cannot be the only one who cannot (and I mean CANNOT) handle having a sweaty neck or, much more of a problem for me, a sweaty face, and have my hair sticking to every bit of exposed skin. No, mama. Just no. Get yourself some cute little scrunchies like these ones from Modern Piggy. You'll keep your hair out of your slick face, and you'll still be looking adorable, because who doesn't love a giant scrunchie comeback?!

Salt Water Adult Sandals

No one has time for shoving their feet into shoes during the summer, least of all mamas who are pregnant and cannot hardly see their feet. So a pair of sandals from Salt Water Sandals that will at least not make your feet hot and uncomfortable during the summer are going to make your life so much better. You'll be able to wear them all day every day, and they mold to your feet, which is amazing, because when I'm pregnant having anything against my toes just absolutely drives me nuts--don't ask, pregnancy does weird things to me. And no need to worry, mama, the adjustable ankle straps means that these babies should be able to handle the majority of your pregnancy cankles. I mean, no promises for that last month... just go barefoot, seriously.

Baby Bum SPF 50 Lotion

If you sweat as much as I do during the summer, first of all, I'm sorry. If you sweat as much as I do during the summer AND while pregnant, then please accept my sincerest apologies and send me your address cause I'm sending you a fruit basket. I am a sweaty mess when it basically gets above 75 degrees. I cannot express how embarrassed I am by my summer stache that shows up every year thanks to my sunscreen sweating off my upper lip. I know. I need a life coach, because this is serious stuff. But, if you are a sweaty mama and need to reapply your SPF throughout the day like me, then you will love the mineral sunscreens from Baby Bum. You can go for a spray or a stick if that's easier for you, but I like the good old liquid kind. Oh, and if you see me this summer, don't mention my tanned upper lip or we are going to have words, mama.

When you come right down to it, being pregnant is uncomfortable even in the best of circumstances, but during the summer it can be pretty much the worst. The Baby Cubby wants to help you out as much as possible, so we've stocked our store full of things that will help you beat the heat while you're busy growing and housing your new babe!

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