Kindhood: The Fun Way to Dry Off on the Move!

Kindhood: The Fun Way to Dry Off on the Move!

Hooded Towel and Poncho

Hey there Cubby friends! Boy, do we have a treat for you today. No, it's not chocolate...sorry I wish I could give that to you through the computer. Maybe someday I will figure it out?! So, what is it? It is a very practical, comfy, and adorable, new product! That is alllmost as good as chocolate right?!

Since it is summer, I am sure that you have been spending a good amount of time at splash pads and pools. My little lady LOVES water activities, and I love seeing the pure joy on her face while she is playing. What I don't love are the fits that she tends to throw when it is time to dry off. For one, she hates being removed from the water, and two, she hates, hates, HATES being wrapped up in a towel not able to move. Sound familiar?

Apparently this is a common problem among parents because that is the exact reason that Kindhood was started! Parents that were just simply over the fight of the drying-off phase of water fun. The parents behind Kindhood were convinced that they could create something to dry kids off while they were still on the move, and that is exactly what they did!  

Hooded Poncho

Enter the Kindhood Poncho and Hooded Towel! All Kindhood products are made with a bamboo and cotton blend fabric, so they are 100% cuddly and comfy while still being absorbent.

The ponchos have the most darling tasseled trim and a front pocket. They come in three sizes (x-small, small, medium), and are currently stocked in the Raya and Sonora patterns.

The hooded towels are the perfect option for your smaller water playing buddies. They are made of the same bamboo/cotton blend and have the same darling patterns as the ponchos. They measure 27 x 27 inches. These things are even perfect for beach or poolside baby naps! No blanket necessary!

The cherry on top is that these things are made with such quality that you can bet they will last for years to come. I would put my girls or boys in either of the patterns, so there really are no limits here!

Hooded Towel

Whether you are a pool hopper, a beach goer, or a backyard slip n' slide lover, I am willing to bet that there is an empty place in your drying off needs. Kindhood has so gracefully stepped on the scene to assist you with that problem and we couldn't be more happy about it!

If your kids are anything like my girlie, they will be much happier running circles around you while you clean up their beach toys than burrito'd up in the sand. School may be starting up soon (or have started for some of you), BUT summer water activities turn into fall water activities until it is too cold for them in our house. So, we are keeping the spirit of summer alive as long as we can with the help of the best towel ponchos around!

Kindhood is in stock on our website, and in stores for you Utah people. The only question we have about Kindhood is when are they going to make adult-sized ponchos?! You better believe that I would rock a poncho! Three cheers for Kindhood!!

Written by: Alyssa Liston

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