Labor Day Furniture Sale!

Labor Day Furniture Sale!

With summer ending and kids going back to school, mamas everywhere are taking advantage of all the sales, and this year, The Baby Cubby wants in on the fun. This Labor Day, all our furniture is 15% off!

If you're looking to decorate this fall with some amazing nursery furniture and save money on some kid-room essentials, come visit our store to get your hands on the goods, mama!


Every baby needs that perfect place to lay down her head at night and during the day. If you're one of those mamas who likes to start their little out in their own room from the get-go, then something like the aura metal bassinet will be perfect for the tiny babies, and is an absolute dream. The modern lines will be the perfect fit for any nursery, and the smaller size will make sure that your babe won't get too fussy having too much room to groove.

If you're anything like me, then you're probably more comfortable with having your babes close to you in either a co-sleeper or a temporary crib, but when you do move baby to his own room, he'll need something to last them through the next few years--and it better look amazing while transition through all the stages! The nifty timber 3-in-1 crib is the perfect all-in-one crib. It has multiple heights for when your baby is less mobile, and then you can drop it lower as he gets older. Once he's ready for a big kid bed, you can transform the crib to a toddler bed with a rail, and then remove the rail once he becomes more comfortable.


I cannot be the only mama out there who has a shopping addiction that I feed by buying my kids unnecessary amounts of clothing. Enough clothing that their closet simply cannot sustain it. Please stop judging me... I'm not alone, right?!

Getting a dresser for the nursery or kids room is the best way to stay organized, and it can totally work as a dual-purpose furniture piece. If you get something like the Lolly 3-drawer changer dresser, then you'll have a changing table and dresser all in one. You can either use it like we do in our kids' room (to store clothes), or you can use it to store diapers, wipes, and any other baby essentials to have close at hand when you're changing babe.

For bigger kids, or mamas who have the space and can have a stand-alone dresser, I love the look of the Nifty Timber 3-drawer dresser. It's totally gorgeous, simple, and will have more than enough room to fit all your littles' clothes. Plus, once your kids are a little bigger, you can actually put some decorative touches to the top of the dresser, or set it up super cute with all their fave books!

Gliders & Rockers

I know that if I were in the market for nursery furniture, the first thing I would be using my 15% off on would be a super comfortable glider. I had an old school rocker with my first babes, and while it got the job done, it certainly wasn't pretty. For mamas who like the traditional rocker, and are looking for something that will match the gorg decor they have set up in the nursery, the compass rocker is dreamy, and will be the perfect addition to any room!

Since I never had one, I was always drooling with envy whenever I got the chance to nurse in a glider. It is an absolute game changer, and makes nursing or bottle-feeding your babes so much easier and way more comfortable. The Bilana swivel glider recliner is the ultimate mama chair-- reclining, gliding, swiveling, I could seriously die happy sitting in this chair. Talk about the perfect combo of reclining comfort and rocking your babe. I would actually be able to sleep and feed my babies without wanting to die? Dreams, mama. Straight-up dreams.

If you're looking to spruce up your kids' rooms this year or you're nesting and looking to furnish your babe's room for the first time, getting your hands on some of this gorg furniture is even better when you get 15% off at The Baby Cubby this Labor Day! Come purchase in store, or purchase online for in-store pick ups! Currently, we don't ship our furniture, so if you're buying online to pick up in-store, make sure and use a local zip code at checkout.

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