Life After Birth: Loving Your Mom Bod

Life After Birth: Loving Your Mom Bod

Most women have something they'd like to change about their physical appearance. Whether you call it a product of a warped society or just focusing too much on the exterior, it's a common feeling. And let's be honest, having kids isn't a glamorous thing for our bodies. So how can you keep feeling confident and happy in your post-mom bod?

I don't have all the answers. Just like you, I have my good days and my bad days. I never loved my body before I had kids, but now there's plenty to despise if I let myself fall into that trap.

Babies Aren't Easy on Bodies

Most of how my body has changed I can attribute to having kids. And the world wants us to think that all those changes are bad things to be fixed and remedied. What am I talking about? Stretch marks galore. A bigger belly and wider torso. Thunder thighs. Cellulite. Not-as-perky boobs. Dark circles under the eyes. And don't even get me on the post-baby bald spots! You know what I'm talking about, ladies. And whether you have one or more or none of these things, it's likely that having a baby has changed how you saw yourself in every way, especially physically. The truth is, we could shell out the cash and get a "mommy makeover" or spend a lot of time and money on a rigid diet and exercise routine. Some women combat the mom bod with expensive shapewear and a new wardrobe of clothes that flatter their new mommy frame. If this is what you choose to do to feel good about yourself, I say, do it. But while you're doing those things, hopefully you're also loving yourself. Because your body has done some incredible things.

Mom Bod = Strong Bod

Your post-baby body deserves some credit! You created and nurtured and carried a baby. Then, your body birthed that baby, whether through an incision or the old fashioned way, your body brought that baby into this world. As if this weren't all enough, you continue feeding and caring for that baby's every need after they're born. This takes work, and you better believe it takes strength. So the next time you want to throw insults at your mom bod, or wish that it were better or thinner or perkier or smoother, consider this: those so-called imperfections are proof of your hard work and marks of your accomplishment.

How to See Past the Mom Bod

I'm not someone who can wear my stretch marks like a badge of honor, or flaunt my newly acquired spare tire. But what I can do is be grateful for the strong and amazing body that I have, and give myself a break. Here are some things that help me love myself, warts and all (P.S., I don't have warts):
  • Video chat with people you love, and look at how happy and beautiful you look as you talk to them.
  • Revel in the power of your arms and back and legs as you pick up your crying little one.
  • Compliment one thing about yourself in the mirror each morning.
  • Put on your favorite outfit and makeup once in a while, just for you.
  • Move. Do any activity you enjoy that requires movement, and you'll appreciate your body more.
  • Take a selfie each day for a year and witness your beauty and strength in action. (I haven't done this one yet.)

Before you spend all your hard-earned cash on the gamut of mommy-makeover products and services out there, try the above tips. Hopefully, you'll see that you are strong and beautiful and worth something. You are someone's mother, and they think the world of you. So give your body a break, and show yourself some well-deserved TLC.

Here's to appreciating mom bods and all that they do!

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