Loog What We Have Here!

Loog What We Have Here!

90% of kids who attempt to play the guitar quit.

They quickly lose interest because it's too hard. The neck of a standard guitar is too wide for a child to play comfortably and easily.

Created by Rafael Atijas for his Master's thesis, Loog is a line of guitars designed to make it fun and easy to play music. These miniature instruments have a slim neck with only three strings, unlike a regular guitar, which has six. This allows your child to comfortably hold the guitar and easily learn basic chords, which are comprised of three notes.

I often catch my daughter strumming the ukelele or wanting to play the guitar along with her dad, and I think this is the perfect thing for her!

Loog guitars make it easier and faster for kids to learn to play songs! They come with flashcards featuring chord diagrams and an app (available for IOS and Android) that gets kids playing songs from the first day they pick up their guitars! Loog guitars also use regular nylon guitar strings and standard guitar tuning, so they play and sound just like a guitar.

Loog Mini and Loog Pro with chord diagram flashcards
Loog Mini and Loog Pro with chord diagram flashcards

Loog offers two guitars: the Loog Mini, meant for ages 3+, and the Loog Pro Electric, designed for ages 8+.

I've been trying to figure out the perfect way to introduce an instrument to my almost three-year-old, and Loog guitars really excite me! Consider it added to my Christmas wishlist!

If you have a child that is drawn to the guitar and music, Loog is the perfect way to get them strumming! You can shop Loog in store or online at BabyCubby.com.

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