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Monaco Diaper Bag: Made for Stylish Moms

If you're a mom, it's likely that your diaper bag has replaced the chic purse you once carried. 

But being a mom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice good taste! Gone are the days of toting around a frumpy diaper bag that said nothing about your personal style. The Monaco Diaper Bag from Luli Bebe has so much to offer, including the fact that it looks very high-end. 

Let's talk about the features of the Monaco that make it a real winner in our book.

Luli Bebe Monaco Bag

Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper Bag - Latte Brown


It never hurts to have sophisticated and chic accessories that help us feel a little more put together throughout the messiness of motherhood. The newly launched Monaco Luli Bebe is so functional and beautiful, it will be your go-to bag even when your kiddos aren't with you. The quilted front pocket and matte gold hardware elevate the style even more.

Monaco - Stone Grey

Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper Bag - Stone Grey


As moms, we need things that can stand the test of time. We need a bag that can be stuffed to the brim and tossed into the car or stroller at a moment's notice. Just because this bag looks luxurious doesn't mean it's flimsy. It's made of premium vegan leather and is 100% stain resistant. The interior can also easily be wiped down when inevitable spills happen.


I don't know about you, but a diaper bag must pass the comfort test if I'm going to be hauling it around from day to day. The Monaco diaper bag gives you the option to wear it as a backpack (my favorite) or with a shoulder strap.

Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper Bag

Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper. Bag - Ebony Black


With a total of nine pockets, you'll be amazed at the packing capacity that the Monaco offers. The large middle pocket is the ideal spot for packing larger items, and surrounding elastic pockets are great for diapers, bottles, snacks, and anything else you need. Convenient stroller straps will give you the option to hang the bag on your stroller if needed.

The Monaco is available in four stunning colors to match your personal style. Each one will have you looking stylish and put together, even on days when you don't feel like you are.

Monaco Diaper Bag

Treat yourself to something special and let your diaper bag make a statement! Shop the gorgeous Luli Bebe Diaper Bags in store or online at

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