Making Bath Time a Fun Time

Making Bath Time a Fun Time

All the mamas out there know that one of the easiest ways to make babe happy is to turn on the faucet, fill the tub with bubbles and toys, and let your little one's imagination take over in the deep blue tub! Bath time is the best time to watch our kids explore and get creative while they get clean. Whenever I even say the word "bath", my son is sprinting for the bathroom and throwing all his toys in, jumping up and down to get out of his pants. *Note to mamas: Don't read any books that have the word "bath" in them without being prepared to bathe your babe. You're welcome.*


Plui Cloud
  If you feel like your babe's bath game is a little weak, say you possibly have one too many Happy Meal toys and Big Gulp cups floating around in the bubbles, then you need a little more fun in the tub! Get some of these cuties and will let your little dipper LOVE bath time! If your sweetie is anything like mine, and has a look of hate in his eyes any time you pour water over his head, then let Plui help you! They have some adorable little rain makers, like the cloud and the moluk, that will help you sprinkle a little more fun, while being a little kinder to your babe's eyes.


Boon Frog

 Every bubble bath needs a classic rubber ducky, and the Boon Frog are just the way to mix it up while keeping up with appearances. Just kidding. No one is really judging you based on your froggy choices. But these frogs are so cute and unique, your swimming tot is going to love watching them dive and float! Speaking of diving, don't get me started on Marco. This little guy is a bath time dream! He's a little scuba dude who will inspire your babe to dive deep and find all the buried treasure your tub has to offer.

Boon Chomp Bath Toy

         The Boon Chomp is a sweet little whale that scoops up all the little bath toys like the Drive shapes that have been stuck all over the walls. You will be wrestling your slippery little bestie out of the bath every time with these cuties!  

 Big Kid Cotton Hooded Towel - Tropical Leaf

You never need to worry about having a clean towel handy, with most adorable hooded towels by Little Unicorn.

I actually want some of these in big size, because these cozy cuties are absolutely perfect for snuggling up your babe after a great time playing in the rain and diving with Marco. You will love watching your little one's imagination grow and their creativity shine when they're in the bath with these great toys and accessories for the perfect tub time!

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