Making Healthy Eating Fun with Dylbug!

Making Healthy Eating Fun with Dylbug!

Is your toddler a picky eater? No matter what you try, are you have zero (and I mean ZERO) success? And then I'm 100% positive that you make your way to Pinterest and see all of these adorable plate creations that moms come up with to make eating super fun. You know the ones  I'm talking about. The super creative super fun super exciting food art that occurs all. over. Pinterest. Well, if you're like me and have a severe lack of creative bones in your body then you just feel like throwing in the towel then and there. Little did you know, The Baby Cubby stumbled upon something that is going to BLOW YOUR FREAKING MIND. Yup. I dropped the F-word. Your FREAKING mind. I have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to Dylbug - making food art attainable for ALL mamas. Even those of us with no creative talent whatsoever. How do they do this? Basically it's magic. ;) Dylbug starts off with beautiful dishes. Currently, you can choose from either their Easter Collection OR you can customize one for your child. How cool is that? Extra perk: get 15% off your order when you use the code "BABYCUBBY15" at checkout! 

The magic really happens though when you get a hold of Dylbug's cutters! These are like little cookie cutters that are in the shapes of dresses, shirts and pants, or trains (depending on which theme you're going with) that can cut out your child's food! I ABSOLUTELY adore this idea! What kid doesn't want to eat their bunny's dress or hair bow?!

I mean, can you get any easier? Think of all of the creations you could come up with! You have a super easy super adorable template all laid out of you. For a look at their non-easter themed plates check out the photos below! I am in literally in love with these for my little daughter.

Ladies, you literally can't get any better than these. Follow @dylbug on IG to check out all of their fun creations that you can do, too!!

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