Manners Series: When we Spend Time with Others

Manners Series: When we Spend Time with Others

Manners matter for our littles, but they especially matter when we are hanging out with people other than mama and our baby sister.


They were chosen by you to make sure your kids are safe and cared for in your absence. Treating them with disrespect, not listening to their instructions, or talking back is simply not okay. If you forget to teach your kids this one, you'll run out of willing return sitters real quick.


Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong time to ask certain types of questions. This one will change as our children grow and their questions get more complicated, but we should encourage our children to come to us with important questions first, instead of their teachers, friends, or siblings.


We should all be interested in teaching our kids how to take turns and share. Your children's teachers will thank you once they start school, that's for sure. Our children will find it easier to make friends as sharing becomes easier.

Including Others

It hurts people's feelings when we don't include them in our game, invite them to our party, or single them out for being different. That doesn't mean that our kids have to be friends with everyone they meet. But it does mean that we need to teach our kids to be accepting of others, and tactful if they are in a situation where they can't include everyone. 

Ordering Food

I'm not even sure what age to suggest here, but it's safe to say we should be teaching our children how to order their own food at a restaurant. Having them look at the waiter and ask for their food is a great learning experience for things like scheduling doctors appointments, or having meetings with teachers or coaches.


They have a hard job, and they don't get enough "thank yous" in their entire lifetime to make up for how much they do for our kids. We need to teach our children to be respectful and attentive to their teachers. Also, keep in mind that our attitudes and words about our kid's teacher will rub off on our kids, so when you're around them make sure and be respectful.


This is very important to teach early on because our kids need to learn when someone is speaking to them, and what they are saying. By listening to others, we make sure that we aren't doing anything that will hurt or make them uncomfortable.

Respectful of Everyone's Things

When it comes to things that do not belong to us, or when we aren't at home, our kids should be taught that they need to be careful and respectful of their things. If you are allowed to jump on your couch at home, that doesn't mean that your BFF's mom loves it. This also applies to school, movie theaters, restaurants, stores... you get the point. 


There is a right and a wrong place to give hugs and kisses, and one of the wrong places is with everyone in your first grade class. Not all of our friends appreciate so much sweetness, and it's important for our kids to know that these things are usually only appropriate at home or with close family/friends.


It's not okay to always be the "town cryer". Our kids should learn that they need to try and work things out before coming to lay blame on someone else. When appropriate, they should absolutely come and find an adult to help assist. But try your best to discourage your kids from playing the victim in every situation.

Taking the time to teach our kids these simple manners is so important. When they spend time with others, controlling their words and their bodies will ensure everyone has a fun time!

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