Meet Kambria: Our Crafting Queen

Meet Kambria: Our Crafting Queen

Kambria is one of the newest Cubby Moms, She recently has passed all of her gear tests so she is a baby product EXPERT. She might also be one of the nicest girls I have known! Kambria is creative and crafty and loves to work on lettering, decor projects, and sewing. When I say I like something she usually follows that with "I could make that!" She grew up in St. Louis Missouri (GO CARDINALS!!) and is the middle of 5 children.

Kambria has been married for almost 2 years and graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a Bachelors in Family Life. Her husband is also at BYU pursuing his PH.D. in Mechanical Engineering. A few things Kambria loves doing are playing ultimate frisbee, swimming, and playing softball. She loves to cook and bake and makes a BOMB pizza. She has also been playing the violin for 16 years! Wow!

Here are some other fun facts:

  • She can break apples in half with her hands!
  • Kambria did a study abroad in London.
  • She likes to be clean and organized – especially her kitchen before she starts cooking! She will do the dishes and wipe off the counter before making it all dirty again.

I also asked Kambria some fun questions for you!:

Favorite author or favorite books?
Huge Harry Potter fan. Growing up I loved the Little House on the Prairie series. I read them multiple times and wrote a school essay on them.
Favorite foods and foods you hate?
I love chocolate and desserts and pizza. I could eat a hamburger everyday. I don't like brussell sprouts.
What is your favorite restaurant? Culvers or Cheese Cake Factory.
Who is your favorite super hero? Captain America or Spider Man!
What are your pet peeves?
When people do things that I would consider inefficient.
What is the best place you have visited?
Normandy beach and the Opera House in Paris.
And finally, your favorite season?
Spring! It's getting warm and the flowers are coming out!
We at The Baby Cubby absolutely adore Kambria and are so glad that she is on our team! If you are local and come into our Lindon, UT baby store rest assured if you have the pleasure of having Kambria at your assistance that she will aid you with efficiency, kindness, and a smile!
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