Meri Meri: A Little Girl’s Ultimate Birthday Party

Meri Meri: A Little Girl’s Ultimate Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always tricky! Who do you invite? Who gets left off the guest list? Family party or friend party? Do you need party favors? What will you serve? What kind of invitation do you send? Are the activities planned going to work out like you want? And then, of course, there's the added fact that your child is one year older and perhaps you're in denial and stressing about that without all of the added party drama! Seriously though, why do kids have to grow up so darn fast??

I’m one week away from my little boy’s second birthday and although his birthday party has a theme (Finding Dory), I can’t help but feel incredibly excited for my little girl to get here because girl parties are just a tad more fun than boy parties. As I’ve been looking for birthday party ideas, I’ve discovered that more girly themed parties tend to have a lot more appeal than boy’s, especially when it comes to indoor parties. Okay, so maybe I’m not correct and I’m just spending way too much time procrastinating and looking into girl parties when I should be looking for boy party ideas. Either way, I’d like to share some of my favorite birthday girl activities/themes and more importantly, some of my favorite birthday girl accessories!

Mermaid Party

PC:Parties by Flo and Erica

Number one on my favorites list is a mermaid theme! Holy moly, have mermaids taken over lately or what? I love it. Check out these Under the Sea/Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas for decorations and food inspiration. And look at these amazing mermaid accessories for the birthday girl and party guests from Meri Meri.

This necklace could be worn by the "girl of the day" or could be a fun party favor for guests as they leave the party!

Meri Meri Mermaid Necklace 

Meri Meri Necklace - Mermaid

Tattoos are a mess-free, easy activity during the party or could also be sent home as a party favor.

Meri Meri Mermaid Tattoos

Meri Meri Temporary Tattoos - Mermaid & Sea Shells

Mermaid tattoos a little too girly for co-ed parties? No problem, there are "manlier" tattoos available by Meri Meri as well!

Meri Meri Tattoos
Meri Meri Temporary Tattoos - Boat and Anchor
Meri Meri Tattoos
Meri Meri Temporary Tattoos - Sea Creatures

If  hairdos are on the agenda, you'll need some hair props. Pom poms are great for any occasion and certainly work wonderfully for mermaid fun!

Meri Meri Pom Pom Ties
Meri Meri Hair Accessories - Pom Pom Pins
Another fun birthday theme I found was Fairy Tales. Wands, unicorns, crowns, and princesses galore! The possibilities are endless when it comes to fairy tales. Story time and coloring pages would be automatic hits, as well as dress-up play and sorcery. Meri Meri has you covered here too!

Meri Meri Tattoos

Meri Meri Dress Ups

Meri Meri Necklaces

 Are you looking for different themes I haven't listed yet? Meri Meri is a party supply company with endless amounts of party fun! They essentially have any party tool you may need for any occasion. We are excited to be a part of their success story and share with all of you some of their fun products! Here are a few more odds and ends to our Meri Meri collection to satisfy any party!                              

So get the supplies, throw a party, and see your child light up with wonderment! Happy birthday kids!

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