Mom's United: Inspiring Through Raw Motherhood

Mom's United: Inspiring Through Raw Motherhood

Do you ever look through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and automatically feel like you are not a good enough mother/woman/person? I know I do. All the time. Like, every day. You see, everyone is putting their best foot forward on the internet - they're spinning the story to be exactly what they want it to be, not how it really is. How are any of us supposed to construct a realistic view of what being a mother is like? Truly, we can't. At least not until everyone starts telling the truth. We all have constructed our own views of what "real" motherhood looks like. Mine? I feel like a mother should be able to do it all. And I mean all. I'm literally not exaggerating this. Why do I have this view? Partly because I'm a perfectionist (aren't we all a little bit?) and partly because I am a product of having access to the internet since I was 12. I spent most of my pre-motherhood days surfing Pinterest, and liking friend's pictures on Facebook and Instagram of all of their adorable babies and beautiful homes. What did all of that viewing time teach me? That parenthood should be glamorous. I should be stylish and my darling baby should look adorable at all times. I should be able to shop, clean, cook, change diapers, feed the baby, get ready with full make-up and hair, work out every day, pamper my husband and myself, and hold down a full-time career change-the-world type job all without breaking a sweat. If any of you are reading this and saying "But I am able to do that! Every day!" Then good for you. You are probably one in a million. The raw and real fact of the matter is this: hardly anyone anywhere would be able to do all of that and still get eight six hours of sleep every night. You see, I believe that motherhood is essential. It is beautiful. It is amazing. It is perfectly imperfect. But, it is also difficult, exhausting (mentally and physically), and sometimes just downright heartbreaking. I have never done something so difficult in my life and I have never been so exhausted, but I have also never experienced such an amazing sense of self. So, how do we really start constructing realistic views of motherhood? We start sharing and talking and taking pictures of what real motherhood is all about! If you're reading this it's no secret that I work for The Baby Cubby (remember that job that I talked about holding down earlier? This is it, and it's actually pretty amazing!). The Baby Cubby owners, Cameron and Jackie, are two of the most passionate people I know. And I'll give you one guess at what their passion is. No, it's not babies. It's actually mothers. And fathers. And parents. And families (ok, so kind of babies). They are on a mission to help mother's and father's everywhere realize their full potential. They want you and I to feel empowered, but not by giving us a fish for a day. Cameron and Jackie want to give us the tools to fish for ourselves. How? By creating a community of mother's and father's that have been there, done that, and know all the things you need to know. A community of people who are authentic and exist in a no judgment zone because they understand that parenthood is completely different from family to family. This community will be spurred on by those of us who are researching and reviewing products so that you know what you do and do not need and don't have to spend HOURS to figure that out. It will be complimented by those who have been through difficult and heart-wrenching situations like losing a child. It will be strengthened by those who are just doing their darndest to raise respectful, kind children every single day. It will be a community because of YOU. This year Cameron, Jackie, myself, and all of our Cubby Mom's have one mission: to share what motherhood is really about. We want you to share all of your #rawmotherhood moments. We want to hear about the really difficult things that happen during parenthood as well as the really joyful things! We want to hear about your messy house, mountain of laundry in your living room, and dish city in your sink. We want to hear about the first time your baby giggled and that fever that just wouldn't go away. We want it all. We want the raw side of things - not the edited, spun, and glossed over side. Let's make sure that future moms really know what they're getting themselves into. Lets make sure that future moms know that motherhood IS grand, but not because of all the cute pictures you get to take. Join us on our mission this year to build, create, cook, amore, celebrate, play, learn, and talk. Lets make motherhood real. Let's be raw. I can't wait for you to be apart of this. Love, Michelle Anne P.S. Be part of the conversation by following us on Instagram @thebabycubby or on Pinterest. Don't forget to check the blog each day for your daily dose of reality. ;)
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That is so great to hear that this post came at a great time for you! We have just been tired of seeing all these amazing mom’s and dad’s feeling like they aren’t good enough because of what they see everyday online, so we are trying to really get it out there that every parent is a superhero and you deserve to be applauded for all that you do! Hang in there! It does get tough, but it’s all worth it! And I’m so glad that you will be coming back to the blog :) We have some really great content planned this month and even more next month! We’re just getting started!!

Michelle Chandler

This is awesome! I agree 150% with this! Social media can really contourt your views on reality! Especially for people who are trying their very best everyday and then see someone else’s “perfect” house/family/life, when maybe your not having the best day yourself. It’s a real downer and almost impossible to NOT compare yourself to others. This blog post has come at the perfect time for myself since lately I have actually been debating about completely writing off all social media and just focus on myself and my family! I will continue to read your daily blogs and posts! It’s great to see a company who is so passionate and focuses on the REAL life! Thank you for sharing this!


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