More Than Just a Stroller

More Than Just a Stroller

It's been close to 11 years since I purchased my most favorite baby item ever. I've loved it so much, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat! I know you're just dying to know what it could possibly be. It's my BOB Revolution.

My oldest child had just turned two when his little brother arrived. They've been the best of buddies from the very beginning--salt and pepper, those two. So with two little boys and an upcoming move, I decided that more than anything, I needed a double jogging stroller.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie

I did loads of research and asked all our friends and seasoned parents what they thought would the choice would be. They kept talking about their BOB strollers. When I asked why they liked it so much, the answers were all the same: "It's amazing," "It's so easy to push," "I can take it everywhere!" I mean, how could you not be convinced after all that? One particular mom had just given birth to twins, and I could not get over how cute her little boys looked sitting next to each other in their fancy, versatile stroller.

Keep in mind, strollers are like shoes. You need different shoes for different occasions. There's the convertible stroller, which makes the transition from car seat to stroller much easier; there's the little umbrella stroller for those quick trips and when space is limited; the jogging stroller is good for those on the move. And there are tons of options in addition to those, so picking the perfect stroller was a decision I was not going to take lightly.

Fast forward 11 years--that beautiful, sturdy, and reliable BOB Revolution became part of the family. It has ventured along beaches, mountains, deserts, parks, roads, and hills. It's traveled across the country with us through several moves. It's soothed my teething toddlers and allowed me some fresh air when I was feeling overwhelmed with my newborns. It's taught me to love to run and make the pain in my legs and lungs become something I grew to crave. My BOB was there as I awkwardly forged new friendships with moms just like me, who have grown to be my best confidants.

It waited patiently as we'd stop our walks to throw rocks in the canals and watch the horses in the fields. It became a storage basket for extra socks, water bottles, fruit snacks, and wipes. Each of my five children made it a bed a time or two as their sleepy little eyes couldn't stay open any longer. (As did a few of our kittens!) It warmed my heart when the older kids would willingly take the newest littles on walks, each of them anxious for their turn to push the baby. Oh, the miles that beloved thing has gone, the stories it could tell as it's watched our family grow.

My baby is no longer a baby. He'd much rather ride his bike or scooter these days. I can't bear the thought of parting with my precious BOB, though. Sadly it's collecting more dust than I'd like to admit, so a few weeks back, when that sweet boy of mine asked me if we could go on a walk, and that he wanted me to push him in the stroller, of course, I said yes. I'll take any chance to keep that little one little for a bit longer!

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