Mother's Day Gifts from Made by Mary with Love

Mother's Day Gifts from Made by Mary with Love

You know how you want to give your mom the world on Mother's Day, and you literally cannot find the perfect gift that will show her how much you love her? Yeah, same. Happens every year without fail. There are about a million options for Mother's Day gifts, and it can feel impossible to choose the right thing.

But when you choose something simple, personal, and made with love, you're sure to make her day! And Made by Mary with Love is going to give you the perfect gift for all of the mamas in your life!

Beautiful in how simple it is, it is so perfectly delicate and feminine that it will be the perfect thing for any mama. The pieces from Made by Mary are handmade and their sweet details will fit with anyone's style.

Choose a birthstone ring for a new mama, or the Grandma Disc for your babe's to hand over to your mom with a big hug, or even one of the Hammered Crescent Necklaces to gift to each of your sisters. Each of the pieces from Made by Mary are truly made with love and will help you to show your love to all the mamas!

Here's a couple of the Made by Mary styles that we carry at The Baby Cubby that would be perfect for mamas, grandmas, or any other sis you want to celebrate this Mother's Day!

Poppy Choker Necklace

Hammered Crescent Bar Necklace

Grandma Disc Necklace

Birthstone Ring

Poppy and Baby Poppy Bracelets

No matter what you choose to give the mamas in your life, it's a sweet and special day to celebrate them and let them know how much we love them. With Made by Mary with Love you can give them a sweet reminder of your love that they can wear every day!

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