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Natural Skincare for Baby, and You!

Natural Skincare for Baby, and You!

You may have heard of Tubby Todd before in relation to our line of baby skincare products. But despite what you might think, you're not the only one that deserves pampering.

Andrea created Tubby Todd to provide skincare products that parents could trust. Each Tubby Todd products (for both moms and babies) is made with only natural ingredients, and no harsh chemicals.

Whether you or baby have sensitive skin, Tubby Todd will help you keep your skin calm and feeling good. Here is our new line of mommy-inspired Tubby Todd products:

Belly Balm

As you go through pregnancy, your skin stretches to accommodate your new little one. This process is magical, but not always easy on your skin. Soothe your belly and any stretch mark fears with Tubby Todd's all-natural belly balm:

Tubby Todd Citrus Avocado Belly Balm 

Tubby Todd Mama Citrus Avocado Belly Balm

Nursing Salve

Despite the fact that many refer to nursing as enjoyable, its effects on your nipples are often far from. Use Tubby Todd's all-natural nursing salve to protect and moisturize your nipples while you nurse. The best part? This salve is completely safe for you and baby before, during, and after nursing.

Tubby Todd Mama Nursing Salve

Tubby Todd Mama Nursing Salve

Freshening Spray

Let's be honest, showers don't happen as often as you'd like when you're a young mama. But, that's no reason why you shouldn't smell nice and fresh while you go about your motherly duties. If you don't see a shower window in your day, opt for a quick spritz of this all-natural freshening spray. Vanilla and aloe come together to reduce odors and keep you feeling put-together. Safe for both mama and baby before, during, and after pregnancy.

Tubby Todd Mama Vanilla and Aloe Freshening Spray

Tubby Todd Mama Vanilla and Aloe Freshening Spray

Hand Cream

We women work hard; there's no question about it. But all work and no play sure can make your hands a dull and cracked nightmare. With all that hand-washing after each diaper, you can still keep your hands looking young and feeling soft with Tubby Todd's Mama Hand Cream. Natural ingredients such as lime and ginger also act as natural soothing antiseptics.

Tubby Todd Mama Ginger and Lime Hand Cream

Tubby Todd Mama Ginger and Lime Hand Cream

The next time you go to buy one of our baby-safe skincare products, go ahead and get something for you too. After all, you deserve to be pampered.

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